How to Make Money from Event Management Industry

Written by on March 6, 2021

The Event Management industry is laden with lots of money-making opportunities. Read on to discover these opportunities.

I first ventured into the world of event management when I was studying at the University of Benin. I joined friends to organize a few concerts here and there before I got busy with other things. Even though many of those events were organized just for fun, we made some good money from them.

The real money started coming when I relocated to Lagos. I would organize trainings, seminars, and networking events and always cash out. At a point, I took a break from organizing my own events to helping other people to plan and execute theirs.

It was fun!

These days, I am actively training people who want to go into the Event Management business when I am not organizing one.

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Ways people make money in the industry

There are 3 distinct ways you can make money in the event industry.

  1. Planning events for other people
  2. Organizing your own events
  3. Providing event support services

Kinds of income in event management?

There are 3 kinds of income in the event industry.

  1. You can either make active income,
  2. Make money passively or
  3. A combination of both active and passive incomes.

So how do you start making money in event management?

A great career in Event management can usually start with the acquisition of relevant knowledge of the industry.

  1. A possible way to get the required information is to read all you can on the internet until you know enough stuff to get started. This method is not bad. But it is difficult and has too many uncertainties.
  2. The best way to do that is to find an event management school to attend. The school will give you both event and business training. No one can be successful in the industry without that combination.
  3. Another way to do that is to purchase my Event Management book. It’s titled Event Money: How You Too Can Make Millions from the Event Industry. It is a book in which I poured out my knowledge of the event industry. To order a copy of Event Money, click here.
  4. A third way to get started in the event industry is to book for my one on one coaching program. Through the coaching program, I have helped people from various walks of life to become money-making event practitioners. Distance is not a barrier.

Let me know which method you choose and why you chose it. Do that in the comment section.

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