Coaching by Kingsley

coaching by kingsley aigbona

Are you in need of coaching? Kingsley Aigbona is a business process re-engineering expert and an HR Consultant with years of experience. He is not only an expert in coaching, he has a passion for people’s success.

Are you ready to get the coaching you need for the next level of your life? Amongst other things, Kingsley Aigbona has

  • Trained over 10,000 staffs of various organizations all over the country
  • Interacted and worked with over 100 HR Managers
  • Trained and coached over 5000 entrepreneurs
  • Interviewed and recruited over 500 candidates for both national and multinational firms
  • Represented Nigeria in various not-for-profit initiatives both within and outside the country

Kingsley aigbona coaching

Kingsley Aigbona is

  • Coach and speaker for UK based and Global training firm, Speak-First
  • Author of The Z of Marketing, a book Brian Tracy (one of America’s top consultants and authors) described as follows: “This practical book, based on proven experience, shows you how to attract a steady stream of qualified customers to your business – everyday.”
  • Serial entrepreneur. He has experience running his own businesses and knows what works and what doesn’t

You can take advantage of Kingsley’s many years of experience, research and learning by signing up for his COACHING PROGRAMME.

The one-on-one coaching is designed to help you move from where you are now to where you want to be.

Coaching Investment

Kingsley’s one-on-one on-demand coaching requires an investment of N80,000 (or $300). Simply send an email of interest to for mode of payment.

What the coaching covers

The quoted price above is for eight (8) 1 hour sessions plus another 1 hour follow up/review session. That is 9 hours altogether! The coaching will be in any of the following format;

  • Phone calls – prearranged times (Skype or any network).
  • One on one – prearranged as well.
  • Or both – depending on where you live.

Choose between coaching in any of the following area

  • Business –
    • for people looking to move their business from one level to another.
    •  for people who want to start a new business and need to be walked through the process.

business coaching

  • Career
    • for people who want to make a big move their career and for people who do not have a career plan.
    • for people who want to get a promotion or recognition in the next 90 days or less.
  • Dreams – for people who want to live their dreams. We will create an actionable plan and walk through your dreams together.

To learn how it works, simply send an email to coaching [@]

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