Business Coaching

business coaching

Business coaching is the solution to the failure and heart break that entrepreneurs always suffer. See how you can take advantage of this below.

If you are interested in being a part of a great business coaching programme, you are in the right place. Just read on.

How long is Kingsley Aigbona Business Coaching

My entrepreneur coaching programme lasts for 4 months. You might wonder “that’s too long.” Well, we won’t be doing just “coaching” throughout.

  1. There will be lots of action. My coaching style involves you actually getting things done with my full support and push;
  2. You will not only learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur, you will INDEED become an entrepreneur;
  3. You will start your business within 3 – 4 weeks of the programme if you have not started yet;
  4. You will start making money if you have not been making money;
  5. If your business is not a viable one for whatever reason, I will let you know so that you can quit wasting your time on it and start another one that will actually make money.

That sounds cool, right?

What you will get in my entrepreneur coaching

  1. You will be able to convert skills, opportunities, strengths, connections, etc into business ventures. It does not matter if those skills, opportunities, strengths, connections, etc are yours or other people’s;
  2. You will get my proven marketing formula that help me get customers everyday;
  3. You will start attracting a steady stream of customers to your business on a daily basis;
  4. You will get the kind of clarity you need to be able to give at least 2 hours to building your business everyday;
  5. I will personally look into your business and see what is not in place and give you recomendations.
business coaching

Coaching Session in Progress

What you will not get in my business coaching

Too much motivation. I coach many people who are serious about taking their entrepreneurial journeys to another level of success. There will be no time to pursue you everyday to do what you are supposed to do. The entrepreneur coaching programme has been designed for people who need little or no motivation. It is for adults who do not need to be pushed to do what they should do for the next level.

Business Capital. While I have a network of people who are sometimes willing to invest in businesses that have long-term success potentials, there is no guarantee that I will help you get business capital. Of course I will teach you how to get capital as part of the programme. But don’t expect me to get you capital.

Take action now. Click here to register for the entrepreneur coaching programme.

How the business coaching programme will work

It will run for 4 months. We will interact through phone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and any other technology you are familiar with. There will be plenty of activities time.

Business Coaching Calendar

The Kingsley Aigbona Entrepreneur and business coaching is divided into 16 weeks.

Week 1 – Situation analysis for your business or business ideas, SWOT Analysis for you and the business.

Week 2 – Entrepreneurship. And all the other variants of entrepreneurship. Identifying YOU in the variants.

Week 3 – Why businesses fail. Business Viability Test. Cashflow Projections. Fail-Proofing your business.

Week 4 – Branding (identity definition, the logo matter, business naming, right foundation, PR)

Week 5 – Capital (what’s needed)

Week 6 – Activity week for week 1 to 5 lessons

Week 7 – Why businesses make money. Why others do not. Why making money is essential to business growth.

Week 8 – Sales & Marketing (techniques, brand communication, proposal writing, prospecting and closing sales).

Week 9 – Taking sales and marketing online (search engine selling, social selling and outselling the competition)

Week 10 – Information Selling (blogging, vlogging, forum, tumblr)

Week 11 – Money Making Activity Week in line with week 7 to 9

Week 12 – Customers (taking care of yours, acquiring more customers through existing customers, )

Week 13 – Mastermind Sessions (one on one sessions discussing progress so far)

Week 14 – Lunch Hour Meet-up (this will be in Lagos, Abuja or PH depending on where we have most registrants.

Week 15 – Accounting and documentations (income/expenditure documents, tax, basic documents, licensing, etc)

Week 16 – Putting it all together. Group meetings. Accountability partners.


The cost of being a part of this business coaching programme is only N60,000 (or $120) and that is for the whole 16 weeks. You will make back multiples of this investment in the course of the programe.

A few questions about the business coaching programme

When is the next business coaching

When do you want to start? I am going to be accepting candidates till the end of January 2017. This batch will kick off on the first week of February.

Can I join in March, April or May?

No, after the end of January, you cannot join until June, 2016. But if you are a fast learner and are just reading this for the first time in say, March or April, send me an email and I shall see if we can work something out.

I am not in Lagos. Is that a problem?

Absolutely not! The programme is going to be running throughout on the internet. We will use phone calls, emails, skype, closed Facebook Group discussions, WhatsApp to push this. You will also get to have access to all the recorded sessions we have together. We will only need to see by week 16. And if you cannot come to Lagos, we will work something out. I might just be in the mood to travel to your location that period.

Don’t forget;

  1. I am going to show you how you too can start, run and grow your own business. When I’m done showing you, you will ACTUALLY start one within 4 weeks of starting the coaching programme.
  2. I will show you how you can attract buying customers who will also be happy to refer other customers to you.
  3. You will make money in the course of this coaching programme.



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