5 Factors that Determine a Converting Website

Written by on August 25, 2018

The dream of every entrepreneur is to have a converting website. But many people invest in creating websites and never make a dime from them.

So, do you want to be amongst the few entrepreneurs who are crushing it online by having a converting website?

What is a converting website?

A converting website is a website that attracts and engages visitors in such a way that the objectives of its owners are met. The objectives may vary from sales to spending more time on the website or playing videos/audios/games. For instance, if you have a betting website, your objective is that visitors will get to bet.

So, what determines whether or not your website will convert? There are 5 factors to determine that. Let us study them.

Planning to Have a Converting Website

Without having to explain it, you can already see why planning is very important to getting a converting website. What you do just BEFORE you create (or commision someone to create) your website can affect the success of the website. In one of my old videos, I suggested 5 things you must demand from a web developer before commisioning them to create your website. Click play below.

Engaging Content

The next very important factor is engaging content. “Content is king” now sounds like a cliche. But hey, content is truly king. Whether you are in the media or any other industry, killer content is what wins. Your website will convert if you take time to actually create great content. It is not very easy to create great content, but you can try. First of all, create what your reader will like to read. Second, use the language they understand. One of the best ways you can achieve this is to use shorter sentences and easy-to-understand words.

Testimonials and reviews

converting website

I run a few businesses in the “services sector”. I hear many clients say things like “that was just wow!” They say things like “how come I didn’t find you guys earlier?” Guess what my response is all the time! I always say “can you please put that in writing?” These get published on our websites for prospective clients to see. A website that has testimonials and reviews will convert, all other things being equal. So, have a feedback form at your business place. Encourage clients to use them. And when you get something brilliant, use it on your website.

Strategically Placed Calls to Action

A call to action is an instruction to take action, based on the content you have engaged your readers with. On websites, it is usually a button saying “click here now” and so on. For instance, after writing on “Plan” above, I wrote “Click Play Below” just before the video. That is a very good example of a call to action. So, what do you want your website visitors to do when they visit? Ask them to do it. That is a call to action.


Having a converting website is not enough. If visitors are not coming as they should, the factors you put in place for the website to convert will make no sense. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. I have an SEO MasterClass coming up soon. Sign up to attend the masterclass. We can send the videos and materials to you if you do not live in Lagos. Click SEO MasterClass.

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