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Workplace Relevance: How Not to Get Sacked in 2017

workplace relevance - How Not to Get Sacked in 2017

Through my interaction with employees and organizations, I have noticed that most staffs think just showing up at work everyday is guarantee that their jobs are secured. A recent happening reiterates the fact that workplace relevance is the key.

I am presently working on my third book. I hate to call it a book because it is a complete programme through which I intend to start a culture. It is titled The WOW Factor Staff. If you take a look at the cover of my first book, you will notice that the line under my name reads “Creator, The Wow Factor Staff.” It doesn’t read “Author” but “Creator.” But let me stop right there and tell you why I brought this up. We were just looking at the term “workplace relevance”, right?

Well, I have been speaking with a few persons about some of the theories in the book. In the process of doing that, a friend of mine told me a story that happened in her office. According to her, one of her colleagues went on a leave and on the day of his resumption, everyone was quite pumped up, welcoming him back to the office. While that was going on, their boss suddenly walked in.

With a confused frown on his face, the boss asked “you mean this man has been on leave?” Her colleague still enthused answered and said “yes, I’ve been on leave sir.”

“But we didn’t miss you at all,” the boss interjected. He looked around the room and said “I never missed this man. Is there anyone here that had to remind me that Mr. Kolo (let’s call him that, ok?) is on leave?”

Everyone shook their heads, knowing that there was trouble lurking around the corner.

“Frankly, who amongst you missed him while carrying out your day to day duties?”

No answer came from anyone.

“Let’s get to the HR department,” the boss said while giving Mr. Kolo a little wave.

Mr. Kolo was paid some benefits and advised to resign or get sacked. That was the end of his job.

That sounds wicked right? Maybe! But the bitter truth is that Mr. Kolo has not been good at building relevance on the job. The boss is a realist. If a person’s absence is not felt in a place, there is no need for the person to continue enjoying the benefits of place.

If the forecasts for 2017 are anything to go by, more people will lose their jobs. Consequently, it is only those who have workplace relevance that will keep their jobs. So, if you are like Mr. Kolo, it is now time to make a drastic move to become relevant to your boss and to the organization.

Characteristics of Workplace Relevance Focussed Employees

  1. They are big-picture minded. This means that they are not only concerned about what they are contributing to a project. Also, they are concerned about the success of the whole project and will not mind assisting or interacting with other project team members in such a way that their relevance is noticed.
  2. They are great communicators. Workplace relevance focussed employees need not be great orators. But they are genuinely interested in the project in such a way that their vertical and horizontal communication within and outside the project team cannot be ignored.
  3. They will make sacrifice for the success of what’s happening in the organization. You have met employees who resume just in time and close at the exact closing hour or start grumbling aloud. You have also met those who will not pack their bags until the task is completed. Which one is more relevance conscious amongst them?
  4. They are the answer masters in their firms. There are people who are always asking how to do something. But there are those who have answers to everything. Become the latter.When someone has a problem in your firm, find the solution for them. Most times, a simple Google Search will help.

How to be a Workplace Relevance Focussed Employee

  1. Avoid procratinating your duties. Have the “now” mentality;
  2. Carry out extensive research about your tasks before every meeting;
  3. Eliminate excuses and develop the habit of getting results, no matter what;
  4. Be helpful to everyone that comes to you for help. Refer again to number 4 above;
  5. Submit reports quickly and neatly. It is even easier to report immediately after a task;
  6. Be different. Be unique. It might be the arrangement of your slides during presentations. And so on;
  7. Seek to be visible. Workplace relevance without visibility isn’t very good. An occassional eye service won’t hurt;
  8. Always anticipate what your boss will need per time and have the information handy when it is asked for.

Workplace relevance is something one should continually build. Do you have someone in your office, who in any way fits the profile above? What characteristics do you think have set them apart. Kindly share with us in the comment section below.

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