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Why Do you Want to Be Rich? [Let’s Discuss]

Why Do you Want to Be Rich- [Let's Discuss]

Many people do not want to be rich. They just want to be comfortable. But if you would like to be rich, lets have this discussion. Don’t worry, it will be fun.

I have a friend who works for a multinational company. He’s a great guy with a very beautiful family. He earns a lot of money every month as salary, apart from annual allowances. I have heard him say many times that he does not care about making more money as long as he has enough money to pay his children’s school fees, pay his rent, and live comfortably.

That’s not me!!!

I want to be stinkingly rich and I have been working on that since I first knew about money.

I grew up broke

My dad worked with Nigerian Government for about 20 years. Throughout that period, money did not come in as much as it should. The salary could only pay for our little 2 roomed apartment and for two paltry meals per day. My dad is a very hardworking man. He did his best.

Thank goodness, things drastically changed after he left the public service. He started his own personal electrical installation business and began to get contracts immediately. He bought a car, bought a piece of land and built a house he lived till he built another one and moved into it.

But all that happened after I had grown up, so I didn’t really enjoy it.

So I was really broke as a kid.

That was when I decided that I will never be broke as an adult. I have gone on to create business after business in the quest to increase my streams of income. So far, I have money making ventures in 4 industries.

My motive for wanting to be rich is very simple.

To be able to fulfill my ultimate purpose of being alive; which is to be a blessing to people around the world, while being a blessing to my family and immediate community.

What is your reason? Don’t be shy!!!!!!!!! Post your reason in the comment box below.

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10 thoughts on “Why Do you Want to Be Rich? [Let’s Discuss]

  1. Hi Kingsley. This is a great conversation question as everyone has thought about being rich. I want to be rich so that I can provide the lifestyle that I want for my children. However, my kids don’t care if we are rich and just want to spend time with me. It’s a dilemma most parents go through. You might enjoy some of my Korean Proverbs at (i’m from the problogger challenge)

  2. Hello Kingsley,

    Great post! The definition of rich is different for many people. To me being rich is not to have any debt and to be able to make choices. I am not sure about cliches like “money can’t buy you happiness”, etc. But I am sure that money can buy you lots of awesome things to name a few: a good house in a nice area, healthy foods, good health care, extra leg room on the plane and ability to help others. Not to mention, knowledge and good tutors. Why this would not make anyone pretty darn happy?!


  3. I love your post Kingsley! I want to have money so that I can help my family more instead of being the relative they all think needs the help! (I’m also from the Problogger Challenge)

  4. Hy Kingsley.
    The way pple see richness differs. But in my own perspective, money is everything and everything is money. Money is happiness and happiness is money. Pple Wil Alys say, that money is not everything, but believe me 95% of our life, revolves around money. For me oooooo, my children will never suffer, give them all the necessary things needed to build up. Influence my society positively. I even have an aspiration of having, a NGO, where I will create an Avenue to reach to the poor, handicaps and all others. I hate poverty, suffering, pains. It is said that a Hungry man is an Angry man. Even the Bible make it known to us, blessed are those that giveth, than those that receiveth. Poverty is a sin.

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