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Entrepreneur: What Kind Are You? Take this Test

entrepreneur - what kind are you

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most exciting thing I enjoy. Entrepreneurs come in sizes and shapes. And in categories. Which category do you belong?

Just last week, I began to write a blog post. That post was not meant to teach anything like my other regular posts. My objective for writing the post was to make a big exciting announcement to entrepreneurs. Mind you, its not the coaching I announced yesterday. It’s way more exciting than that. Well, when I began to write, inspiration began to flow so smoothly like massage candle wax before heat. I saw myself putting every entrepreneur in a category. Guess what? That is why the big announcement has not been made yet.

Before now, I have heard people divide entrepreneurs into group types. I am sure as an entrepreneur, you have heard of at least two or more of the list below.

  1. Solopreneur
  2. Mumpreneur
  3. Decorpreneur (I just made this up!!!)
  4. Eventpreneur
  5. Travelpreneur

… and many more “preneur” ending names.

What I came up with is way way deeper than all that. And I am humbled by the wisdom in it. I am also humbled by the number of messages I have received from friends who saw it on social media. Yes, I already shared it Instagram and Facebook as a photo. This morning, I woke up asking myself if I have distributed it enough. That was when it dawned on me that I have not even published it here at all.

Before we go further, see the photo I shared on my instagram below.

which entrepreneur are you?

Each Entrepreneur Category Explained

Prospecting Entrepreneurs: Those who have been considering becoming entrepreneurs. They are asking questions. They are still trying to figure out what’s the best way to enter their industry of interest.

Budding Entrepreneurs: Those who have started their entrepreneurial journeys but are still trying to find a strong footing. They have no experience yet.

Struggling Entrepreneurs: They have started their entrepreneurial journeys but they are currently struggling. The business will fail without the right help.

Stagnant Entrepreneurs: Things are cool with these entrepreneurs but they are not growing as they should. They will start declining without the right information and push. The business will then die.

Thriving Entrepreneurs: The entrepreneurs at this stage are having a time of their lives. The revenue is right. Staff strength is great. Their working capital is safe. They seem to have the Midas touch. They need to avoid any mistakes and stupid decisions that can tip the balance they currently enjoy.

The Returnee Entrepreneur: Their former business failed. They are picking up the pieces. The entrepreneurs in this category think they have “seen it all”. Making a return is their present mission.

The Failed Entrepreneur: The entrepreneurs in this level have failed at least once. They are now done. They have made up their minds that the entrepreneurial journey is NOT for them.

Which entrepreneur are you?

Which of the above entrepreneur category are you? ALL the categories have their challenges, opportunities and mindset.

What to do with this information

What will you do with this knowledge. What are you supposed to do with it? There is an advice for every category. I suggest you read it again and find it.

My entrepreneurial story

I have started about 9 businesses since school. I have killed 5. Four are doing very well now. One has been serving organizations and individuals for about 8 years. The most recent which is almost doing two years now is presently serving expatriates from over 20 countries around the world. This is just a summary. The full version will be available in book soon.

Would you like entrepreneur coaching

Having a failed business is more heartbreaking than it seems. You are left with debts, mockery and ridicule. All those you told to watch out for your success will be glaring at nothing but failure. Then the concerned comes and start asking you to try and get a job. The list is endless. One of the reasons many businesses fail in Africa is lack of quality coaching.

Let me coach you

I know how businesses fail. I had about 4 failed businesses before I left school. After leaving, I crashed 5 more. That’s about 9 failed businesses. Today, I have 4 which are in the thriving & growing zone. Let me coach you. Find out all about it by clicking the button below.

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