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Unemployment: 9 Top Reasons People Lose Jobs


Thousands of jobs are lost everyday in various places around the world. The rate of unemployment grows alarmingly as a result of this. Know why people get fired so that you can keep your job for as long as you want.

As people lose their jobs everyday, many times, they do not know for sure why they have been sacked unless it is done on paper. If one is fired like Donald Trump used to do it on The Aprentice Show, chances are that they may never understand exactly why unless the employer explains as Mr. Trump would do. And many employers are getting too busy for that! After all, they understand that the unemployment situation can help them to get someone new very fast.

As an employer of labour, I understand that just one offence or weakness does not often get one sacked. It is usually a combination of a few idiosyncracies and other factors. Let’s discuss each of them.

1. Unproductivity

Every employer recruit and hire people for the sole purpose of propagating the agenda of the organization and consequently, producing results for the organization. If the staff is not doing this optimally, he faces the risk losing the job. The high rate of unemployment makes it easy to get a replacement for an unproductive staff. So, always ask yourself “how can I enhance my productivity in this organization?”

2. Little or no feedback

People can still lose their job no matter how hardworking they are, if they do not have the skill of giving their superiors adequate feedback. Many organizations have established reporting systems but giving information and updates about your activities to your boss as at when due, on a semi formal basis can help you keep your job more than people who do not.

3. Skill

Employers do not pay for certificates anymore. They pay for capacity. As an employer, I only take a look at a candidate’s certificate after trying to have a conversation with them. How much can you do with little or no supervision? What can you make to happen for your organization with little or no resources? What new skills are you presently acquiring? I do not like those people on my payroll who find it difficult to comprehend a not-so-new concept. It is boring and time consuming. People get fired for that a lot.

4. Unskilled in Workplace Politics

Politics is present in every organization. Those employees who do not know how to determine whose side to be on per time end up being fired. You’ve got to know whose toes to avoid stepping on. You should know when to be on the fence and when to take sides. This requires strong emotional intelligence. If you don’t want to be part of the unemployment statistics, play well and play safe.

5. Replaceability

If you are not very skilled on the job, you are replaceable. It means you are dispensable. Work on being the best you can ever be. Identify some vacuum in your organization and consistently work on filling it in such a way that it will take very serious effort for someone else to step into your shoes and stay in them. Become indispensable. Become your boss’ confidant. Be of help to a colleague. People get fired as soon as the opportunity arises if they are replaceable. The high rate of unemployment in the world right now is enough to make any wise person to train themselves to become so valuable to their organization that they can’t be asked to leave.

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6. Self over company

Most employees are absolutely self-centred and do not care about the health of the organization they work for. When it becomes very obvious to your employer that all you care about is your paycheck, a slip in another area can make them show you the way out of the organization. As an ambassador of the company you work for, it is important that you ensure that your contributions are moving the organization to higher levels. If you cannot commit to your organization in this way, it is better to voluntarily  quit the job or face the risk of being asked out.

7. Unskilled in customer relations

Customer is king in every business. Serve them well or lose them. Employers who understand this would fire employees who treat customers disrespectfully. Personally, I can readily forgive a staff that insults me. However, I am not that patient if my customer gets insulted. The staff is either transfered to where the customer would never see them again or fired altogether. I can absolutely forgive when it’s personal. I can correct when the error is in operations. But when its a customer, I hardly forgive and forget. Why? It is very expensive to get a customer. And a customer you lose is a closed door on all the referrals you would have ever gotten through them.

8. Losing money

I used to have a staff who cannot stand the anger and annoyance from a dissatisfied client. If there was an error in our work and the person calls and somehow starts shouting, she would apologize immediately. But if the apology does not pacify the client immediately, she would reply angrily and ask the most stupid question in the world “do we refund your money?” What do you think the client would say? I noticed that we were losing on her side and after a brief investigation, I had to let her go. Being self-centred is what would lead a staff to also behave this way. By all means, don’t lose money. Verify from at least 3 other vendors before awarding a contract. The fact that it is not your money does not mean you should lose it. Be responsible.

9. Bad attitude

No matter how skilled you are, you would lose your job if you have a bad or wrong attitude. I used to have a staff who was good in bringing in very nice leads. But he was also a very negative person. He complained about everything and everyone. Even though he was not reporting directly to me, I was unable to stand him for more than 2 months. I sent him packing.


Do you want to keep your job? Avoid every form of negativity. Do you have any questions? Leave them or any comment in the comment section below.