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Top Associations You Need for Success in 2016

Is the old saying “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” still as true as it used to be? I’d say yes! Associations, I have discovered, is now the number 1 determinant of success. You don’t agree? Read on!

Just how important are the associations we keep? On the 3rd of January, 2016, a Facebook user, Darlene Hackemer Loretto made a comment on Mark Zuckerberg’s post on the worlds largest and fastest growing social media platform. The comment went viral because Mark replied it.

Darlene wrote;

I keep telling my grand daughters to date the nerd in school, he may turn out to be a Mark Zuckerberg! Thanks for FB, I’ve reconnected with family and many old friends and classmates.

Of course Mark replied that it is “even better” to “encourage them to ‘be’ the nerd…” and this reply will definitely be taken more serious than the woman’s comment. Even the numbers attest to this because as at the time of writing this, the screenshot I made of the conversation shows that Darlene’s comment was liked by 3,574 people while Mark’s reply was liked by 18, 732 people and that number would more multiplied by now.

The fact is that whatever you are right now or will ever be is largely dependent on WHO you associate with (your associations). There are heights you will never reach unless you associate with certain people. And if Darlene’s grand daughters prefer Mark Zuckerberg advice, they will find it pretty easy to become nerds by associating with other nerds.

associations you must make in 2016

In 2016 (and even beyond!), there are certain people you need to associate with to make the year a success. I have made a short list below.

1. Buyers

You need to make money. The more you interact with those who have the power to buy from you, the more money you will make. I suggest that you engage in activities that will help you to get their attention more. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have made it all easy these days.

2. Consultants

Are you a businessperson? This is the year you will associate with business consultants who can show you how to make things happen for you in your business. Are you a career person, speak with an HR Consultant. Whatever your field is, speak with a consultant who has proven results in the area of your interest.

3. Legal

You need a lawyer to advise you in various matters. It is not expensive. Get a lawyer (it might even be your friend) and pay a retainers fee. The fee may be $1 or run into millions. Its just a commitment fee that you can negotiate. When you have a lawyer by your side, your landlord/tenants won’t be able to intimidate you. Your decisions will be better guided. You have more to lose than gain if you do not have a lawyer.

4. Authors

How many books do you have in your library? When I speak with people and we get to the subject of books, I always think “no wonder” when they admit that they do not have books. In 2016, you will have to associate yourself with authors by getting books. The best authors I suggest you should “dig” their books/materials this year include Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Stephen R. Covey. There are many more but just ensure you have books by these authors this year. And please read them! This is the cheapest way to build the best associations.

5. Role Models

Who are role models? They are people you will like to be like with respect to their achievements. As a media enthusiast, my role model is Keith Rupert Murdoch (KRM). In marriage, someone else is my role model. So, I read everything KRM because I love the way he turned small Australian media outlets into what News Corporation has become today. Even though I didn’t inherit any media concern (or anything for that matter!), I’d like to do exploits in the media industry as this man has done.

6. Mentor

This is the best of all. This guy (or chic…lol..) will literarily hold your hand and take you to where you want to be. A mentor is one who is living in the reality of the dream you have for your future and has agreed to guide you to that same reality. Your role model can also be your mentor if you can have access to them. Who are the people I’d like to mentor me? First choice: Rupert Murdoch. Second choice: Mo Abudu. If you know them, show them this article!

I’d like you to suggest more association one needs to succeed in the comment section below.

What do you think about this article? Did you learn something new? Did you find it useful? Share your thoughts below and share it.

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