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Top 5 Benefits of Content Marketing to Your Business

Top 5 Benefits of Content Marketing to Your Business

You’d agree with me that getting customers without having to pay for advertising is a good thing for any business. This is what this article on Content Marketing is about.

Getting FREE traffic to your website is cool. This is why people started taking content marketing serious in the first place. What is way “cooler” is when that traffic ends up converting into buying customers.

Don’t you agree?

I have not done “paid advertisement” for any of my businesses for over 1 year now. Yet, the businesses have received patronage that beats what we used to get when we paid for adverts every month.

Is this something you too will like to enjoy in your own business?

If your answer is yes, then read on.

In one the articles I have done on the subject of search engine optimization (SEO), I stated that one of the main factors in attracting new customers is consistently creating “fresh content”. This is perhaps one of the best points on the list I wrote on in that DIY article.

To have access to that Do-It-Yourself Guide to SEO, simply click here.

Bottom line?

Content is king! Content is the new marketer. The only difference is that content does not get to collect salary! And if you don’t write and have to pay someone to create content, you only get to pay once!

Content Marketing is, therefore, one of the most important aspects of ensuring that you attract a steady number of people to your business via your website.

I am going to be writing more on this in the next few weeks to give you more understanding on how you can explore it for your business.

Meanwhile, let me quickly show you the impact Content Marketing can have on your business.

1. Content marketing helps to acquire new customers today and in the future

Well, isn’t that what we have been saying all along? Dedicating some money to paid promotions can help to attract customers to your business today.

However, … wait for it…

Whatever resources you dedicate to content marketing will attract customers to your business today and continue doing that in future. In fact, the longer the content stays on your website, the more customers it will be able to bring in.

2. It creates opportunity for prospects to ask you questions

Professional salespeople know that a prospect that asks questions is definitely interested. Creating content that is targeted at bringing in sales through education will give prospects an opportunity to try to clarify the things they do not understand.

These “things” are also known as barriers.

Barriers are usually certain inhibitions that may be stopping the prospect from making a buying decision. The goal here is to ensure that your content inspires your prospect in such a way that they start asking questions.

They can choose to ask the questions by sending you an email or by dropping a comment under the content. Since what they want to get is clarification, you need to answer their questions VERY FAST. Otherwise, you will lose the prospect.

3. Promotes brand visibility

I heard a young man complaining to his friend the last time I was in Ikeja Shopping Mall.

“Why does YouTube even bother to advertise?” He asked the question as though the adverts bothered him. Well, I know that YouTube has been doing a lot of adverts on TV, BillBoards and so on in Lagos, Nigeria lately.

They are doing it for brand visibility. Not just because they are looking for views.

Content marketing can also serve this purpose. Writing about your business, its products, and its activities can promote more visibility for your brand.

4. Creates the “human touch” customers crave for.

Do you want your customers to trust you? Content marketing will make that happen for you.

If you live in Nigeria, you will not hesitate to name a particular brand if I ask you to tell me which is the best noodles brand in the country. And that is because they are always producing content that resonates with Nigerians. While all the newer brands in the category are busy trying to tell us that they are the best, the former does not do that as a long term advertising strategy. They simply create alternatives that show that they understand us.

Children understand them. Adults don’t feel left out. The brand seems to unite both literates and illiterates in a skillful, unexplainable manner.

Content is good. But content marketing is better. The human touch it provides will create loyal customers.

Who does not like to have loyal customers?

5. It is an avenue to “teach” customers

Do you know why people are loyal to pastors? Partly because they are great teachers. The more your customers can learn from you, the more loyal they can be to you. Content marketing is powerful because you can affect as many areas of customers lives as you want to.

We once did an article on how to choose the right service provider in a particular industry on our website. The article was intended to just help people know what to consider to get the best for their money. But that article keeps bringing in steady business to us.

Won’t you like to have that?

If you have not been engaging this powerful tool in your business, it is time to do that. Let the impact it will have on your marketing results be your motivating factor.

I want to hear from you. Kindly leave a comment below.

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