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The Number 1 EASY Skill That Can Double Your Income

double your income

Have you ever wondered if you can double your income? Well, I doubt that the thought has never crossed your mind. After all, every one of us want to earn more money.

I had an interesting conversation with an acquaintance after a meeting last saturday. He works for one of the world’s top oil servicing firms. The conversation started with what he said when he met me autographing my first book, The Z of Marketing for some participants at a business seminar I just spoke at. He said “I need to learn how to sell and market soon.” I was surprised because he is a technical guy and has no business selling in his firm. But think about it. No matter how much money you earn now, won’t you like to double your income?

So I asked him why he wants to learn sales and marketing. I got to understand that he wants to be prepared so that he can in a position where he can someday start selling for his organization. He said “some of our sales people earn more than the MD.” Well I already know that selling is one sure way to increase and double your income in 3 months or less. I have taught that to as many people who care to listen and its also a very important part of my Wow Factor Staff Project. But I did not take his word for it that some of the sales people earn more than the Managing Director. So I asked another acquintance and she readily confirmed it.

So its clear now. The cat is out of the bag! The best and surest way to double your income consistently is by selling.

How this works

Every organization wants to sell. In fact no one is in the oil and gas business. No one is in the hotelling business. We are all in the selling business. This is why organizations that are serious about making money are always investing in their sales people. And they are always putting incentives in place to encourage selling. Some firms offer between 5% to 15% commission for a sale.

What if I am not a sales staff?

Even if you are not a sales staff, it will be nice to acquire sales skills all the same. In that way, you will be set to close a deal for your organization whenever the opportunity presents itself. Meanwhile, start doing the following

  1. Have a thorough knowledge of your company products and/or services.
  2. Find out what you stand to gain from selling for your organization.
  3. Position yourself to sell whenever the opportunity arises.
  4. Create opportunities to sell every now and then but not to the detriment of your primary job function.
  5. Talk to friends, family and your network about your company’s products and services.

I am a sales staff but…

If you are sales staff and are not selling as much as you should, I know you are feeling very frustrated right now. Not hitting one’s target is not a very exciting thing, so I understand. I suggest you do the following;

  1. Ask yourself “do I know the products/services well enough?”
  2. Visit your present clients and ask them why they buy from you?
  3. As them why they like the product/service.
  4. Don’t stop learning. Go for training programmes and learn something new.

Doing the above 3 alone can immediately boost your sales output by between 10 to 50% if done well.

What if I don’t have a job?

The best way to get into an organization is through sales. Yes, I say this always and will keep saying it. Every organization will throw its doors open to anyone who promises to boost their sales. But the pathetic thing is that many of the people who send us their CVs to ask for opportunity to be interviewed and screened for a job always specifically inform us that they will do any job as long as it is NOT a sales job. Whenever I teach an audience business success, I always ask them if they are scared of sales and marketing. Guess what? Sometimes, over 90% of them always say they are scared in some way.

Get rid of sales phobia get yourself a job. Click this link How to Get a Job: 10 Smart & Unusual Ways

Double your income

So, as we can see above, the sure way for anyone to double their income is by becoming good in selling. And it is not as difficult as many people make it sound. As I said in my book, everyone is born a marketer. All you need to do is develop the marketer in you and begin to make sales in your career and business. If you have ever dated before, it is because you are a marketer. If you have ever made friends before it is because you can sell yourself.

So go and sell something!

What have been your experience trying to increase your income? Kindly leave me a comment below. Cheers!

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