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Streams of Income: How Bad Medical Diagnosis Got Me One

How Bad Medical Diagnosis increased my streams of income

Mine is a story of blessing in disguise. I am an advocate of the idea that humans should have multiple streams of income. But I never knew that a wrong medical judgement will create one for me.

My background would not have availed me the chance to have double, talkless of multiple streams of income. I studied Science Laboratory Technology in University of Benin. Our counterparts in University of Benin Teaching Hospital studied Medical Laboratory Technology. So I was expected to work in a lab after graduation. My options included medical, industrial, pharmaceuticals and other laboratories.

But I never really had a passion for the course. So the last time I worked in a laboratory was during my final year examinations. I did a couple of businesses while I was in the university. I sold laboratory coats, drawing boards and later on; published a full colour glossy paper magazine that was distributed in over 22 cities in Nigeria. I stopped at the third edition.

I did a couple of other businesses which failed woefully and put me in debt. But I have never lost sight of my vision to have multiple streams of income so that I can give a better life to my family and impact the society in wonderful ways.

In 2011, things picked up pretty fast and I made my first major business breakthrough. Then I started another and then another business. In 2013, my mentor invited me to come manage one of his groups of companies. The one he handed to me to manage had several heterogenous businesses under it. It was not easy. I lived in Egbeda and while my office was in Ikeja, the businesses I was to manage as COO were in Ajah, beside Pan African University permanent site on the Island.

Driving from the mainland to the island was so stressful. Even when I got a driver, things did not get better.

I became sick.

I went to the hospital and got treated for malaria and typhoid fever.

Then after a short while, I fell sick again.

It became like a cycle. I was treating myself for fever and malaria almost once every two weeks.

So I became concerned. I walked up to the doctor I met on duty that fateful day and asked him what the problem was. He told me that my genotype was probably the issue. I was surprised.

“But I am AA,” I exclaimed.

“I know. People who have AA genotype have less resistive power against malaria and other infections.”

Then he made a statement that changed my life.

“So that we can be sure, go to a tropical fever hospital for some tests.” He asked me to test for Lassa Fever and other fevers I have forgotten their names.

Meanwhile, there are only 3 hospitals I can do this test. One in Abuja, one in Irhua and the other was elsewhere.

My driver and I drove to Irhua Specialist Hospital in Edo State.

Fast forward >>>>>>

When I walked into one of the specialist doctor’s office, he was busy on his desk with about 8 younger doctors sitting all around him. They were his “apprentices”. He went through my file in front of him and noticing the car keys in my hands, he asked:

“Who drove you here?”

“I drove some distance and my driver drove the rest.”

“You do NOT have Lassa Fever, Dengue Fever…” and he went on to mention all the other fevers he knows. “If you had any of those fevers, you will be carried here. You won’t drive here. Who asked you to come here?”

I said its a doctor in Lagos.

“That doctor is intoxicated with MBBS like alcohol,” he said. The younger doctors all laughed aloud, each one trying to out-do the other. You see, in case you don’t know, MBBS is the degree awarded to doctors in this part of the world.

He then proceeded to ask me a couple of questions. What do I do? When do I resume work? When do I close? When do I get home? How long do I sleep? And so on.

My answers alarmed him and his team.

“If you die right now,” he began to say waving me to a seat. “If you die right now, it is not fever that is the cause. It is stress. Stress is one of the top killer of professionals, including medical practitioners.”

These were his recommendations.

  1. Aerobic exercises
  2. Regular massages
  3. Afternoon naps
  4. Plenty of vegetables

Still eager to know how that helped me to increase my streams of income? Be patient.

I went back to the hotel with my driver. We packed our things and began the journey back to Lagos.

As soon as I got back to Lagos, I registered in a fitness club and began to jog and involve myself in aerobics. The following week, I went for a massage. It was a spa in GRA, Ikeja, Lagos.

Oh I enjoyed that massage. So I began to go for regular massages. The specialist doctor I spoke with in Irhua had said I should get about 2 or 3 massages per month

Then I noticed that whenever I drive myself to the spa, I get stressed again as I drive back to the office or home. So, I asked them if they offered home service. The cost was way too high.

I searched the internet for a firm that does mobile massage. Nothing. Only a bunch of escort services that fronted as professional massage firms.

Yes! I decided to start one.

That was how my mobile massage firm, started.

I went through a series of trainings. My trainers are all experts with over 500 hours massage experience. After the training, I began to interview massage therapists who were unemployed. And then retrain them to understand the science behind massage.

Today, I am running Nigeria’s Number One Home Service Massage firm.

A wrong diagnosis by my doctor in Lagos State drove me to Edo State to meet a specialist who introduced me to a profession I have created a business around. It has been a very wonderful journey that has added one more wing to my streams of income.


Do you want to create your own extra streams of income? I want to help. Simply leave your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Streams of Income: How Bad Medical Diagnosis Got Me One

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing Kingsley. This is a perfect example of making the most of every situation. Personally, I went into a baby supplies business because I didn’t find certain vital items in the local supermarkets. That business has grown so much that I now have customers in places I have never been before, thanks to fedex. All the best.

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