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Startup Idea: Who to Talk to When You Get a Business Idea

Who to Talk to When You Have Startup Idea

Who should you speak with when you have a business startup idea? What should you do if you are scared of telling someone who might end up “stealing” the idea?

A Quora user asked a question that is somehow similar to the one above. I began to answer the question with the points below and saved a draft in order to attend to other things. At the time I got back to the app, the question and my draft were gone. Thankfully, I already copied the list and sent it to myself on WhatsApp incase Quora’s draft feature didn’t work well.

Have you ever been in that person’s shoes before? You have this idea for a business. The business will need people to kick-off. But you are wondering “what if they say are not interested and end up creating something similar or exact without me?” Is the scenario above possible? Yes, it is. But we can’t let that stop us because every business startup needs people to survive.

Who to discuss your startup idea with.

You should speak with almost everyone on the list below even if you think everyone around you is dishonest.

  1. A lawyer. If the idea needs to be patented or protected by some legal documentation, go ahead and speak with a lawyer. Another reason to probably speak with a lawyer is to learn if there are government regulations to meet while operating in your chosen sector.
  2. Your potential customers. Even if you think people will steal your idea, it is very important that you ask your potential customers if they are interested in the solution you have to their problem. You don’t have to be vivid in your discussions with them. A little subtlety can help. How much are they willing to pay to make the problem go away? Ask them! If you skip this, you might create a product or service people are not interested in.
  3. A digital marketing consultant. Find out your chances at putting the solution before the eyeballs of as many people in your locality as possible. Digital marketing is now the cheapest and most effective way of reaching potential customers. Also, ask for a keyword research to be done for you. Click keyword research if you want to do it yourself.
  4. The Indians or Chinese. Speak with the Indians if your startup idea is an app. Also, speak with them if it is a software. But you should be speaking with the Chinese if it has anything to do with hardware or mobile device. “Where do I find them?” you may ask. Go on AliExpress and you will find them there.
  5. A website designer. You should ask a website designer what it will cost to create a highly interactive and responsive website for your business. Click WordPress Website Design to learn how you can create a website with no technical skill.
  6. Your team. Every businessperson needs a great team to succeed. The quality of your team will determine the success of your startup. Therefore, start speaking with potential team members after doing some background work and have legal matters in progress. The enormity of your project should determine the size of your team. This should be done expertly.

Final Words

You do not have to be too scared of losing your startup idea. If the idea is a solution to a nagging problem that affects many people who are willing to pay to make the problem go away, you are in business!

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