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Social Media Manager: How to Become A Good One


Right now, social media managers are on heavy demand. How do you become one?

If you had told someone that you are a social media manager before the year 2000, they would have wondered what you are talking about. But if you enjoy being on social media platforms and connecting with people in ways other people cannot, this is a “career path” you can now consider. This is because it is now increasingly important that organizations and brands stay relevant on the social media “space.” Consequently, as you must have noticed by now, many organizations are now recruiting to fill “Social Media Manager” position.

My company, The Learning Edge Ltd recuits for organizations. We have noticed that more and more of them are asking us to fill this position for them.

Yes, that’s right!

So, if you have been jumping around Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms because you enjoy doing that, it is time to consider being paid for it. You would like that, won’t you?


There are two clearcut paths you can take in your quest to becoming a social media manager. Let us quickly consider them.


This is when an organization engages you full time to manage their social media concerns. Here, you are on their payrol and earn a consistent salary. As an employed social media manager you might be tagged a “social media executive” for the sake of hierarchical clarity. Also, you will likely work in the marketing department, under the Marketing Manager. Bigger organizations have a department dedicated to social media, with more than one staff.

Self employed

If no organization is willing to employ you to work with them full time, start an agency. There are a few agencies dedicated to social media today. All you need to do is to come up with various packages for firms and you are good to go. Take a look at what other agencies are doing in that niche for inspiration. You will need to register a business name so that you can open a business bank account in the name of the agency.


The fact that you enjoy using social media does not mean that you are going to automatically get people to pay you to manage their social media accounts for them. You need to get skills that will help you be better at the craft. This will help you to be ahead of your prospective clients and that is very important.

Lets consider a few of the skills below.

Graphics Design Skill

You need to learn how to create attractive graphics. Posting texts will not do the job. What your clients need is posts that are engaging. They need posts that people will share, comment on and like. Graphics will increase the chances for that ten times. I am not asking you to go learn how to use CorelDraw and Adope Photoshop. Learn one of them as a long term strategy. But also learn to use design sites like Canva and Snappa. They will help to make your job easier in the short and mid term.

Writing Skill

Social engagement is about creating content that people can easily relate with. You have to learn how to write. There are a few courses out there. I have a writing course. I also run a writing coaching programme. I suggest you take advantage of them. If you want to take your time with this, you can absolutely learn to write quality stuff on your own. The best way to become a good writer if you are learning on your own, is to read and write often. One hour of reading “between the lines” and 30 minutes of writing daily will make you a better writer in 3 months.

Marketing Skill

You also need to learn how to market yourself. The best place to market yourself is not handing out business cards and copies of proposals. Of course you can add that to the plan. But the best way to market yourself as a social media manager is on the social media. How will I know that you will manage my brand well if you cannot manage yours? So, you see, you need to get rid of those compromising photographs from your account. Untag yourself from pictures that don’t promote you as a responsible businessperson. As a rule, I don’t put up any photograph that is not of high quality on my social media accounts. Go learn marketing. I can also help you here through my programme.

Courses you can take

There are a few courses you can take to sharpen yourself to become a proficient social media manager. While there are paid ones which will avail you prestigious certifications, there are also a few that are absolutely free. I’d like to recommend the one that is offered by email marketing firm, Constant Contact.

They have courses on almost all the social media platforms that are relevant to your prospective clients. They include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus and so on.

Click on any of the social media platforms below to take a course. At the end of these courses, you should have become a better Social Media Manager.

Facebook Course

LinkedIn Course



Google Plus

There are many other courses you can take to become a proficient and confident social media manager. I will do an article on the best ones soon. Watch the space.

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