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Shorter Posts: I listened

I listened: Shorter Posts

Many of you asked for shorter posts. Here is what I have planned to do.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday. Personally I was busy working during the Workers’ Day holiday. I could not drop my laptop. There was just so much to do. I hope you didn’t mark the holiday as I did. Hopefully, you went out (or stayed at home) with your family and had a good time. But what makes shorter posts tick?

The objective of my post this morning is to announce that I have read the feedbacks YOU have been giving us. Some of you said that though you enjoy reading my posts, you will prefer them shorter so that you can quickly read them and get back to work. Amongst other things, I will now be creating shorter posts for you.

The posts will still be as explanatory and expository as they have always been. But they will now be more straight-to-the-point.

I began to work on a new post last week. I have not even gone half way and its already over 700 words. I will stop and mark that part 1 and then create the remaining part as part 2. In that way, you won’t feel overwhelmed trying to read it.

I will publish it before 2pm. You will love it. It is titled 7 Costly Business Mistakes You Must Shun.

After this particular post and the remaining part which I intend to post tomorrow, all my future posts will be kept around 500 words. I am very excited, knowing that YOU are actually reading and are working with me to make this YOUR blog.

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Thank you and enjoy your week.

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