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SEO: 5 Things You Must Demand from Your Web Developer

SEO - 5 Things You Must Demand from Your Web Developer

The days of asking a web developer to create a business website and just waiting are over. Otherwise you will end up having an “online monument” that does not yield anything to your business. The idea here is to make demands that will boost your business SEO.

My web developer has been a huge blessing to me. I should take him out for dinner very soon. He has been a huge blessing because of certain critical times he disappointed me. Consequently, I have moved on to learn things I would never have known if I kept depending on him.

Now, I develop my websites myself. But the more I learn, the more I get to understand that even web developers do not understand SEO. If they did, there won’t be companies dedicated to only Search Engine Optimization. If they did, their own websites would be ranking high on search engines.

SEO may not make much sense to you right now. But if you follow the advise I have given below, you will be able to get the best out of your web developer.

  1. Insist on WordPress
  2. Ask for Yoast SEO Plugin
  3. Ask for a Keyword Research
  4. Ask to see the Backend of your site
  5. Control the links

How are you supposed to do all these? It is simple. Just take everything one point after another.

Insist on WordPress

Many web developers are cocky. If they learnt to design websites with Joomla, they will stick to that. If they are good at coding with PHP and Java and so on, they will likely want to create your website with platforms that are other than WordPress. Tell them point blank that you want your website to be on WordPress when you give them a contract to create a website for you. Whether you can explain “why” to them or not is not the question. Do you want to be able to get business through your website? Insist on this if your answer is “yes”.

Ask for Yoast SEO Plugin

It does not matter if you cannot click a mouse. Ask your web developer to install an SEO plugin on your WordPress website. I usually prefer the one by Yoast. And ensure they show you proof. We will get on this later. The importance of having an SEO plugin on your website cannot be over-emphasized. You will be able to tweak whatever content you have there in such a way that they will be compatible with what search engines need to rank your website. I use it for all my business websites. As a result, over 90% of my business comes through the internet.

Ask for a keyword research

Ask your web developers to help you research what people constantly type on search engines to look for the solution your business provides. If they do not know how to do it (yes, they might not know it because they are not marketers), pay $5 to get it done for you. Just go on Fiverr and you will find someone there to do it for you. At just $5. You need to know these keywords because they will guide your content creation for the website. Search Engines love relevant content.

Ask to see the backend of your website

My web developer is a genius. Whenever he created a website for me those days, he also created a backend through which I could make limited modifications to the content of my websites. And that was cool. But you don’t need cool. You need “great”! If you insist on WordPress, you will have a backend automatically. Ask your him (or her) to give you a tour of the backend of your website. Learn the difference between pages and posts. Ask to see the Yoast SEO plugin. Start learning to use it.

Control the links

Insist that your web developer create your website in such a way that the links have your most important keywords in them. Of course that will be determined by the content and headings you submit to the developer. But watch out so that they do not end up making your links useless through unsolicited tweaks. For instance, you do not need dot php on your links. That is occupying a space that should be occupied by a useful keyword.


What struggles are you presently having with your website? Let me know so that I can tell you what to demand from your web developer.

If you would like me to coach you on getting your business found on search engines, send me a message via the contact form.

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