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Selling Online: 5 Top Sites to Use in Nigeria

Selling Online - 6 Top Sites to Use in Nigeria

You have decided to start your business. Or you have started already. But you are concerned about making sales. As you may already know, selling online will increase your sales.

Creating a system through which your business can start selling online might be the best investment you make in these trying times. The blood of every business is sales. The more you sell, the more you can sell. For example, last weekend, I made the best sales I made in the whole of July. That availed me more cash to invest in some stuff that has guaranteed extra sales. See? The economy in Nigeria and in other parts of the world is really bad right now. Only those who are actively selling – services, goods or both – will survive the onslaught of poverty in the next few years.

Thinking about this, I decided to create this article to help you to increase your sales so that you can have more money to reinvest in your business and grow. I have been selling online with results for many years now and suggest you take this really serious.

Let’s dive right into it.

Selling Online Site 1: JIJI

In my opinion, the number 1 place for selling online in Nigeria now is jiji. It used to be olx but somehow, jiji took over that position. I sell on jiji and always enjoy someone telling me “I saw your advert on jiji” I think you too should use it. It’s

Selling Online Site 2: OLX

Olx is now following jiji in the number 2 spot for websites to sell stuffs online. I have a feeling that olx are in this position for 2 changes they made. First, they reduced the amount of money they are spending on advert. I know that because I do not see their adverts as frequently as I used to. Secondly, they introduced a registration fee of N500 before your advert shows. Waiting for their staff to come get the cash from you is more difficult.

Selling Online Site 3: Konga and Jumia

These are the largest e-commerce websites in Nigeria. You can now sell on the websites by registering as a seller. It is very easy. On, simply take a look at the very top right corner of the site. You will see smaller letters. The second one is “Sell on Konga”. Click on it and follow the instructions. On, you will find that tab at the far left hand corner of their footer. Click and follow instructions.

Selling Online Site 4: Facebook

Good old Facebook, right? It is still one of the places you can sell. There are millions of Nigerians there who want to buy from you. You can either sell organically (for free) or through a paid advert campaign. I have sold a lot on Facebook. You have to be very careful if you are running a paid campaign so you won’t find yourself in debt. Monitor your campaign and stop any ads that is not bringing in the right customers.

Selling Online Site 5: GooglePlus

This is strange to a lot of people. But Google Plus is now a great way to make sales online for a number of reasons. I have been using it for a while now and it works. Whatever you post on your Google plus get indexed fast and is available when someone types a keyword that is on your URL. I suggest you read my post on how to go about it. Click here: Google Plus: Why it’s the New Digital Marketer’s Darling


So that is it. My top 5 sites for selling in Nigeria. Making money on all 5 at the same time is great! But try to concentrate on just one or two and master them before moving on to the others.

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