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Screw Social Media: You Are Special

Screw Social Media- You Are Special

In this age and time of social media, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed by the suggestion that you have been left behind. Merely going through the social media profiles and timelines of others can sometimes make some people feel like they are less special.

NOTE: Guess what. This article has been “sitting” on my admin end for days now. I was not sure if it was worth publishing. But since my last few days have been busier than ever and I do not want to disappoint today, here goes. START: The social media is a huge blessing and can also be a curse if not related with in the perspective. I have heard of many negative things that were aided through the use of social media. Abductions, bullyings, rapes, fraud are just a few of them. However, more often, many people have somehow found a way to allow their self-esteem level to be in the same proportion of how widely accepted they are on the social media.

How do you feel about yourself if

  • Your contacts have around 10,000 followers on Instagram while you have just 35?
  • Your childhood friend has 15,000 followers on twitter while you have just 59?
  • You have just 200 friends on Facebook while your former next dooor neighbour has 2 accounts because their first account has reached it’s friend request limit?

Do the people you follow on social media have fabulous life while you don’t? Are you constantly inundated by photos of trips, cars, designers bags, shoes, clothes, and lavish parties?

Does all that make you feel less special than those people? It is important that you remind yourself of a few things whenever you do not feel fabulous about yourself.

  • You are unique
  • You are wired
  • You have infinite ability
  • You can be the best you

You are unique

There is no one like you. You might have look-alikes but no one thinks and sees the world the way you do. That makes you special. There are billions of people on the earth and as you already know, none of them have the same finger prints. Just think about that. If you were the one writing this post now, you will probably not write it this way.

ACTION: Whatever is the source of making you feel less about you is not important right now. Write “I am special because I am unique” on a piece of paper and paste it somewhere in your room where you can see it all the time.

You are wired

Do you know that your brain has about 100 billion cells? Do you also know that each of those cells can connect to tens of thousand of other cells? Yeah! You are that wired! That means you can do amazing things when you put your mind to use. So, rather than judge yourself based on social media or based on some inadequacies, remind yourself this!

You have infinite ability

It is said that humans do not use more than 10% of their genius in their lifetime. Based on the enomous power of your brain, you can actually achieve so much. So you need to remind yourself that every time you can. Study more and take quizes to exercise your brain. What would you like to achieve with your life in the next few months? Write them down. Pick one of them – the one that is more exciting and inspiring. Start working on it. It might be a new skill. It can be anything.

You can be the best you

As we already established, you are unique! But you are not your best you yet. Ask yourself everyday “what can I do today to be my best self?” When you get that answer, get right on it. You can love more. You can give more. You can do more. You can exercise more. You can read more. You can be more of you. You can clean your house a little more. You can be the best you!

Also understand that

  • Social media does not accurately measure success. Someone might post something fabulous online. That does not mean that they are happy. And it is important that you are happy. Moreover, many people live fake lives and portray it on social media. The fact that someone has a Rolex watch on his social media profile does not mean that he owns it.
  • Anything that does not inspire you is not worth your attention. Instead of feeling intimidated, get inspired. All it requires is a little mind tuning.


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