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Relationships: Sustaining Yours from Networking

relationships - building sustainable from networking

You have gone out of your way to network with people and have had the first conversation. You now have their contact information. The objective of this post is to help you sustain the relationships you get from your networking quest.

Thanks for stopping by today. In the past 3 days, we have been doing a study on networking. We established the fact that the people you associate with the most will affect the outcome of your life – whether you will be successful or not. We also learnt how one can take advantage of the gift of networking to build an enriching network. Today we are going to learn how to sustain the relationships we get through our networking efforts. I highly recommend that you take out time to study those articles before reading this one.

So how do you ensure that your relationships from networking work and start yielding desired results? There are a few ways.

  1. Starter message
  2. Phone calls
  3. Periodic messages
  4. Invitation to hang out
  5. Offer something when you meet
  6. Collaborate

Now that list looks a little easy, right? After all, it is easy to type and send messages and all that. But these things must be done strategically to get the needed results. So, study carefully.

Starter Message

While the first impression is still fresh, send a nice message to your new found contact. It is always nice to keep it very simple. The message could be;

Hello Mr. Kunle. It was nice meeting you at the Shoprite today. Can we hang out again soon? Enjoy your day! Kingsley (The Trainer)

From the above message, you can see that

  • It is always best to refer to the person by their name. Mr. Kunle
  • It is best to refer to the place you met. Mention the name of the place.
  • State your intent. “Can we have lunch together soon?” is far better than “I was just wondering if we could hang out again soon”
  • State your name. Kingsley
  • Remind them what you do. The trainer

If you get a reply, thats great! If you dont, try again after a day or two. The message might look like

Hello Mr. Kunle. Did you see my SMS yesterday? Kindly revert. Thanks! Kingsley (The Trainer)

If they still do not respond, you might need to follow up with a phone call.

Phone Calls

Making phone calls to your new found contact must be strategic. Great relationships, don’t forget, are fueled by great conversations. The phone call is a continuation of the conversation you have had already.

  • You must call at the right time
  • You must introduce yourself very fast and professionally
  • You have to confirm that you are speaking with the right person before you proceed
  • Ask if this is the best time for a conversation before you continue
  • Go ahead or hang up with a promise to call back

See the example below;

You: Hello Good afternoon sir

Contact: ……………………..

My name is Kingsley – the trainer who spoke with you yesterday at the Convention Centre

Contact: …………………………..

You: Guess I am speaking with Mr. Kunle. Is now a best time to quickly talk?

Contact: ———————–

You: I was wondering if you will like to have lunch with me and my team on Sunday.

Periodic Messages

Periodically send messages to your contacts. The idea here is to ensure that you “run through” the contact’s mind every now and then. Every time they get a message from you, they remember you. These messages should be messages of appreciation prayer and hope.

Happy new month to you Mr. Kunle. Hope you are fine sir. May this month be your best ever. Amen.

Invitation to hang out

Every time you invite your new contact for a hang out, it will look like you are pressing the “refresh” button in the relationship. And sometimes, it will only cost you two cups coffee/tea and a snack. But the truth is that apart from getting to know more about your person of interest, you also have opportunity to be in a position in which the other person feels they need to reciprocate your “kindness” of taking them out.

Offer something they need

Everyone needs something. Find out what your new contact needs and try to provide it. If you do this and master it, you will be able to build a lot of rewarding relationships. What you offer does not have to be expensive. It might be a book. A magazine subscription. Introduction to a subject matter expert you have access to. There is so much you can give out if you want to!

Have fun together

Man will naturally look forward to whatever he has enjoyed before. If you help your new contact to have fun with you every now and then, they will start looking forward to actually having time with you. Games and sports can help you to achieve this. Uncommon food can make that happen too. Have you noticed that people who know how to cook very well also have many friends (all things being equal!)?

Seek for Ways to Collaborate

Imagine finding something you can and your new contact can do together. I am not just talking about having fun together here. The keyword here is collaborative achievement. Examples

  • Losing weight together
  • Making a million dollars together
  • Feeding 100 homeless kids together
  • Convening an event together
  • Organizing a community makeover
  • Start a business together

The list is endless. Seek for ways to collaborate with your new contact.


Thanks again for stopping by today. I’d like to know what you think. Kindly leave a comment. You are free to share this with your friends on social media.

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