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Networking: How it Can Make You More Successful

Photo: Networking: How it Can Make You More Successful

“Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” That’s a very old line my father used to use those days. It’s still true. I am now saying, “show me your friends and I will tell you how successful you are or will be.” Networking can be equal to success – all things being equal.

Success is no longer only a function of what you know alone. It is now also dependent on who you know. In one of my last posts, I began to show to you how that association is very vital and in fact the number 1 factor in timely success. If all that is true, it is important then for success-minded people to also be always networking minded.

I have noticed that no matter how brilliant an idea is, it will still be ignored for the less shining one if the latter is pushed by a person who is more skillful in networking. That is why according to many studies, there are better browsers than the ones we are all used to. There are better burgers. Better restaurants. Better gadgets. But we seem to stick with the highly “networked” guys. This is the reason why many investors will not invest in an idea because of the idea itself but mainly because of the person pushing the idea. That is why these days, no one will give you a competitive marketing, PR or advertising job if you are not “connected” in some way.

I have identified how networking can make you successful below. Lets get on them one after the other.

  1. Learn
  2. Connect Skill
  3. Opportunity to Give
  4. Opportunity to Receive
  5. Boost Influence
  6. Reference
  7. Better networth

# Learn

People who are always networking are always learning and unlearning new things. They learn new things when they hear someone with a superior knowledge about a matter speak. They unlearn when they verify that what the person has said is superior to their former knowledge-stance and replace it with an informed inference. As short as that is, it can change a person’s life entirely. Knowledge is all-empowering!

# Connect Skill

Apart from aiding you to learn something new or superior to what you already know, networking will help you to connect easily with people. It will help you to become more skillfull in connecting with people. Many persons lack this skill. But like every other skill, this too can be learned. This is one of the skill that will help you to build a magnetic personality.

# Opportunity to Give

Meeting people and networking with them will definitely give you an opportunity to give to them. Did I hear someone saying that they have nothing to give? Giving is an essential part of living. It is when we give that we create a sure avenue to receive. Everyone needs something. It might be something you know. It might be someone you know. It might be something (book, camera, etc) you have. It might even be something you are on the verge of throwing away.

# Opportunity to Receive

Networking is also an excellent opportunity to get something from people. This is tricky. If you try to network with people for the sake of getting something from them, you might unknowingly send the wrong vibes to them. That will hurt the relationship before it even starts. But even without expecting too much, there is always something to get. Lead the way and be the giver. Only givers are guaranteed to receive (did I someone say Amen?…lol)!!!

# Boost Influence

Networking will help you to become more successful because it will boost your influence. Imagine a lot of people calling on you to solve different kinds of problems only you can solve in your own way. Imagine getting getting paid for that in one way or the other. Then imagine them all talking about you to their friends and their friends are also contacting you. The more people you have developed capacity to serve, the more your influence.

# Reference

Networking will give you references in different ways, thereby increasing the rate at which you succeed. First, if you are meeting someone new, or trying to make a point about something or trying to get someone’s attention on a negotiating table, for example, you can make a reference to one a relevant networking experience that will be beneficial. Again, won’t it be nice for you to have a contact you met through networking put in a word of endorsement for you when needed?

# Better networth

The better your network, the better your networth. Simple! All the factors we have discussed above will definitely boost your networth if well organized. Truth be told, there are no self-made successful people. There are no self-made millionaires. People make people. Therefore, the more the quality of people you have in your life, career and business, the more successful you will be.


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