Marketing Consultant: Get Help with Your Sales & Marketing

marketing consultant - Kingsley Aigbona

Times are hard and the more market share you get, the better your business can thrive. Therefore, speaking with a marketing consultant is the most crucial action you can take at this stage of your business.

Many a marketing consultant operate in Lagos. But there is a huge difference between them and Kingsley Aigbona. Kingsley is not just a sales and marketing enthusiast. He is a serial entrepreneur who has extensive experience in running SMEs with proven results.

Intervention Approaches

Kingsley has developed various intervention methods and approaches. He has used them for clients who wanted a turn around in their sales and marketing results. Some of these approaches are listed below with his permission.

1. Motivation Approach

It might just be that what your team needs now is motivation. Kingsley can help them to get pumped up enough to approach and crush their targets. If motivation is not the only issue with your marketing and sales, then this approach can be used alongside others.

2. Training Approach

Teams can never perform beyond their highest knowledge. As a result of this, you need a marketing consultant who has a track record as an international trainer and speaker.

3. Coaching Approach

As a business coach and strategist, Kingsley will help you to come up with a strategy and follow you through to execute it. This can be done with you alone or with your sales and marketing team. This is usually a hands-on approach with deadlines.

4. Process Redesign

This approach is usually employed when Kingsley’s team notices that there is a problem with your process. Your sales and marketing process can then be redesigned, adjusted or completely overhauled. Sometimes this approach plus the requisite training and action increases a firm’s sales revenue by over 100%.

5. Strategy Sessions

A strategy session might be what is needed to improve your sales. This is because theĀ vision of your organization will be reiterated and reenacted. Consequently, only goals that align with the reenacted vision are adopted. This results in more clarity and focus. Teams usually leave the sessions as better performers.

Contact the Marketing Consultant

If you are wondering which of the approaches above is good for your team, there is no point in doing that. Simply contact us and we will select a blend of various approachesĀ above, based on your situation. Kingsley is a marketing consultant with 9 years experience. He is waiting to hear from you.

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