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Magnetic Personality – How to Develop One!

how to develop a magnetic personality

What does it mean to have a magnetic personality? Why are some people so liked and favoured than others? Can anyone develop this kind of powerful personality?

Why magnetic personality? Is there such a term? Okay, have you ever wondered why certain people easily get liked by people even if they are meeting them for the first time? Have you wondered why some people easily win the hearts of others within a short time? Have you wondered how people with magnetic personalities are easily liked by many?

Seriously, being liked is really a big deal especially in these times when competition in business and in other aspects of life is now fiercer than ever. Consider the following possibility if people really get to like you.

  • The more people like you, the more they will want to hang out with you,
  • The more they hang out with you, the more they get interested in you (terms and conditions apply …lol),
  • The more they get interested in you, the more they get interested in what you do,
  • That can result in them buying from you and
  • Giving you referrals if they enjoy your goods or service.

This is one factor that differentiate “instant friend-makers” from those who find it difficult to make new friends on the go. Rather than give you a few “tips” on how to develop a magnetic personality, let us look at the characteristics of those who have this kind of personality. Hopefully, you will be able to “mirror” those characteristics and practice them till they become a part of you.

Characteristics of Magnetic Personality People

1. People with Magnetic Personality smile a lot

I have noticed that people who have magnetic personalities smile a lot. The power of a smile cannot be overemphasized. A smile is so powerful that it can be contagious, inspiring the receiver to smile back. It is so disarming that it can make the next person relax. A smile is another way of saying “Relax, I’m a friend.” No one can argue with a smile. It is a universal language.

Punctuating your conversations (with people especially those with whom you are meeting for the first time) with a smile every time you sense an opportunity will help you a great deal. It will make it interesting to hear you speak and to be spoken to.

And this is the icing on the cake – people who smile are healthier. (You will agree with me that the healthier you are, the more your chances of being magnetic to other people!) Researchers have proven that smiling can help to strengthen the immune system, have a positive effect on blood pressure, provide resilience in times of enormous stress, and provide a better inner confidence and balance.

2. They show genuine interest in people

A magnetic person will never pass a person of interest without getting to really know them. If a magnetic person walks into a place, their genuine interest in people will make them to blend into the group in such a way that it would seem they have known the people for a long time. A magnetic person walking into a group for the first time will do any of the following;

a. Address the whole group

b. Speak to just one or two persons and work their way through to the others.

If they want to address the whole group, they will say something like “Hello everyone. I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet you all. I look forward to getting to knowing all of you with time.” They will then walk into a smaller group, get to know the persons there, ask questions and if the answers they get seems also to be peculiar to someone else farther apart, they will get to know the person’s name even before meeting them. Soon, like a chain reaction, they end up knowing what to say to everyone as they “know” their way through the group.

DISCLAIMER: This is different from the impulsive behavior of a sanguine who might end up “overdoing” this. Being magnetic come quite easy for a sanguine but if they don’t do this rightly, they may end up saying what they will regret later because they often do not take much time to process before speaking.

3. They are apt listeners

During a conversation (whether it is a business conversation or a social one), magnetic people do not only ensure that they hear what the next person have to say. They also ensure that the person notice that they are actually listening. I do this by leaning forward with a frown (red-light… pom pom pom!!!) and at the same time ensure a smile is playing by the side of my mouth and also on my cheeks (that nails it right?). I also make it a duty to nod periodically. I also ensure there is a pen and notepad close by so that I can easily take notes. Taking notes will make the next person take you really serious because you are taking them and the topic of discussion seriously.

4. They strive to give what they can

A magnetic person is quick to say “oh, I can introduce you to someone who can do that for you.” They are quick to say “hold on, let me call a friend who can help with that.” A magnetic person is a helper. He has a book on almost every subject and will share insights from the book with someone who needs it. They know which website you can get a pressing information from. They are quick to roll up their sleeves and help out.

This quality can put you in trouble if you are not skillful. Between 2012 and 2014, I disappointed certain friends because I could not make up with the commitment I made to them because I could not say “no” when it was obvious that I should. A friend would call and say “Kingsley, help me with this proposal” and I’d answer “no problem.” I’d meet someone and say “I will help you with your business design.” Soon, my workload became too much.

In December 2014, I made a very funny New Year Resolution (even though I am not a “New Year Resolution Person.”) I resolved that “I will Practice Saying NO in 2015.” Oh boy!!! Did I say “no” in 2015? A lot of times. Don’t over-promise. And don’t over-give. Moderation is not a bad word!

5. They keep their negative feelings bottled up

It always seem as though magnetic people do not have any problems. That is because they know how to control their emotions. They are skilled at masking their negative feelings when they need to. In my book, The Z of Marketing; How I Make Rapid Sales and How You Too Can, I wrote “I have trained myself to always be in the best possible mood whenever I walk into a place to convince people to do business with me. You wouldn’t know if I was moody before I entered. You need to train yourself and those who work with you to not allow their bad mood to reflect in their marketing.” Magnetic personality people understand that letting their negative feelings out at the wrong time will hurt their relationships with people, especially when they are meeting for the first time.

6. They enjoy the moment – genuinely

A person with a magnetic personality will make the most of every moment. They will consciously ensure that they are enjoying the moment they share with the person they are with. One of the sure ways to ensure this is to genuinely be interested in the next person and in the topic of discussion. Using humour is also a very good way. Many people have ask me how I am able to make people enjoy talking to me. It is simply because I consciously make an effort to also enjoy talking to the person. The person should not be made to feel like you are wasting their time. They should not be made to feel like you would rather be talking to someone else across the room. Laugh at their jokes and make a few of your own. Some people have also asked me why I am so funny. Well, I try to amuse myself a lot and I don’t always like to allow an amusing moment or stuff to get by without noticing and sharing it at the best opportunity. You don’t have to be Basketmouth to be able to have amusing conversations.

DISCLAIMER: Never make jokes about the person or someone else in the room. It might end up being a very big deal. For example, avoid jokes (no matter how innocent they seem) about weight when speaking with obese or weight-sensitive people. “What if I am not sure of what might offend them?” If your gut says it is not nice to say a particular thing, it’s sometimes always right.

7. They are action-minded

People who have a magnetic personality are loved by many because of their “Ready-To-Go” disposition. They want to discuss the deal now. They want to create the business proposal now. They want to make something happen now. They deliver very quickly. Again, you must be very careful here. Personally, I noticed in 2013 that the quality of what I deliver in record time when I meet people for the first time was always better than later demands or agreements. In other words, it was increasingly difficult to measure up with the first impression I created. I had to make a U-Turn and began to work on myself. That was the same period I learnt how to say “no”. My life is now more balanced and I am now able to keep my promises. Don’t promise too much and deliver little. It is always better to promise less and deliver more.

8. They are eager learners

Magnetic Personality people are learners. They are fast to learn about people, computers, marketing, astronomy, aviation, architecture, politics, and so on. If they meet a medical doctor, they will become better informed in how the body works and reacts to diseases. If they spend a little time with a mechanic, they will get a better understanding of how cars work. The next time they meet someone with a body or car issue, they are able to offer the right suggestions with respect to what should be done or which expert to speak with. Incidentally, these people become what I call “Walking Encyclopedias” because they know enough of every topic. This is as a result of their quest for knowledge. They learn eagerly. So when you meet them, they have useful tips for you. That again contributes to their magnetism.

How to Develop a Magnetic Personality

1. Mirror the characteristics described above

One of the best ways in which one can be successful at anything is the deliberate use of bench-marking. You can begin to develop a magnetic personality by simply making the characteristics above yours. With much practice, you too can become very good at making people like you the moment they meet you.

2. Strive for daily success

Nothing attracts more than success and results. No matter what field you are in, make it a point of duty to make daily progress at what you do. Cumulatively, these progresses become a huge success at the end of the month, quarter or year. The more visible progress you make, the more easier it will be for people to naturally want to associate with you. A successful person does not need to struggle to have magnetic personality because being successful enhances confidence. With the right dose of confidence, all the characteristics I have listed above will be easier to imbibe.

Action on developing a magnetic personality

1. Review your goals

The clearer your goals, the greater your drive. The greater your drive, the more you achieve in the shortest time possible. This in turn will affect your happiness. The happier you are, the more you can genuinely smile. The smile will enhance your health and draw people to you. It is a chain reaction!!!

2. Become more interested in people

Having a healthy relationship with friends, colleagues, relatives and so on can improve your skillfulness in handling people. Become more interested in them. Call someone you have not heard from in a while once for the next 30 days. The richer your rapport with these people is, the better you will be at meeting new people.

3. Share this article

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4. Leave a comment below

I want to hear from you. What is your present journey in becoming a person with a magnetic personality? How has this article helped you? Let me know.

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