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Legendary Service & The Empowered Customer

legendary service & the empowered customer

Customer service is dead. What every orgainzation and businessperson must now adopt is customer satisfaction which can only be achieved through what I call legendary service.

It takes the conscious building of a customer-centric business to be able to convert every customer into what I now call empowered customers. An empowered customer is one who gets absolute satisfaction and enjoyment while interacting with an organization as a result of the legendary service they render.

This all seem very overwhelming. So I suggest you read that again, this time, slowly.

Too much competition

The number 1 reason (especially if you actually do not care about the customers) why one must begin to consider adopting “legendary” when dealing with customers is the obvious fact that competition is very high these days. Almost everyone is trying to get the customer’s attention. It is only those who make him feel special that will get him to come back again and again.

The legendary service idea

If you think legendary service is just an idea and is unattainable, rethink!

  1. Have the hosts and/or hostesses of an airline made you feel so special that you do not want to fly with another airline?
  2. If money and distance is not a problem, which boutique would you rather shop at?
  3. If money is not a problem, which car would you rather drive?
  4. Have you ever randomly called a customer service person and felt very special after the call?
  5. Have you ever walked into a meeting and as a result of the way the ushers welcomed you, felt on top of the world?
  6. Have you ever taken your child to school and just wished every child in the world attended this school?

If your answer is “no” to #4, #5 and #6 above, it simply shows that legendary service is scarce. But it does exist.

The waiter

Unfortunately, one of the only few places one can enjoy legendary service these days is at high-brow restaurants. The most unlikely person who has been able to somewhat define legendary service is the waiter. What can we learn from the ideal waiters?

  1. They pay close attention to you. That is why they notice when your glass is getting empty!
  2. They understand that they are there because of YOU and not vice versa. That is why they won’t be ‘busy’ doing anything else other than serving you.
  3. They are courteous. They refer to you as madam or sir irrespective of the age difference.
  4. Their feelings or emotions do not get in the way. Instead they try to help you feel good. They smile at you even if they are having a bad day.
  5. They take it upon themselves to make your guest feel good, thereby relieving you of the effort.
  6. They serve you based on your specifications and not based on what they think you should have.
  7. They try as much as possible to ensure that you are helped in whatever way you need.


The length to which the model waiter goes to satisfy his guest defines the mindset with which we should always attempt to treat our customers. This is legendary service.

The Empowered Customer

As we have seen in a previous paragraph,

“An empowered customer is one who gets absolute satisfaction and enjoyment while interacting with an organization as a result of the legendary service they render.”

  1. He sets the pace. If they want it fast, they get it fast. If they want it slow, they get it slow. If your fast is not fast enough for the customer, he will find someone else who can meet up.
  2. He dictates what is value. Customers will no longer be force-fed. They will always go for what resonates with them. If you want them, study them.
  3. He determines how we serve him. This is why customer service is dead. We must now study how our customers behave and what their expectations are. Then we serve him based on that. Only one Nigerian bank is doing that now. No wonder their banking halls are getting crowded.
  4. He determines our policy. Policies that are not customer-centric will flop. I have heard people telling customers “I am sorry, that’s our policy. There is nothing I can do.” Sound nice right? That customer will go where the policy has him in the big picture.
  5. He defines quality. The dictionary has failed in the definition of quality. Your customer is the new dictionary. If you are in doubt, ask at least 10% of your customers to define what quality means to them based on your services to them.
  6. The business depends on him. That’s obvious right? If my staff treats my customer like they depend on my business, they get fired! Simple!
  7. He will come back as everyone wants to be treated as KING! The empowered customer ultimately will feel like a king as a result of how they are treated. He will come back.

So, legendary service is an idea you can develop into the culture of your organization. Tomorrow, I am going to introduce to you the 7 Laws of Legendary Service. Watch out.

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TOMORROW TOPIC: 7 Laws of Legendary Service

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