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How to Write a Book in 30 Days [No experience needed]

how to write a book in 30 days

Do you want to write a book? Do you want to learn how to complete it in 30 days? Read on.

It is not difficult to write a book. What is difficult is finishing it. Getting a book idea and “attacking” it immediately is the best way to move it from idea to publishing.

I have many unfinished manuscripts. They are a result of book ideas I got and started working on and then, for one nice reason or the other abandoned. At the time I get back to the book, the power of the idea has diminished in my mind. Then after some time, I get another book idea and go through the same cycle again. This was before I knew better. I don’t ever have to write a book that way again.

Through my interaction with other writers I discovered that many of them have the same issue. In fact that prompted me to develop a special module to help tackle the problem during the training workshops I periodically organize for writers.

The best way to ensure that you do not have abandoned manuscripts is to actually finish a book fast. Choosing to write a book this way will you as it has helped many other people like you and me to become multiple published authors.

So, how do you ensure that you are able to write a book and finish in record time so you can start making money from it? I will give you a sneak peak into what you should do to ensure that you do not only start the book immediately but also finish in record time.

  1. Begin with the end in mind
  2. Break it down
  3. Have a working plan
  4. Set daily goals
  5. Set a reward system in place
  6. Identify and get rid of distractions
  7. Get a support group

Begin with the end in mind

Ask yourself an all important question – “why do I want to write this book?” You have to be honest here. You may want to write an answer like “because I want to help people.” But I don’t really mean that kind of answer. What I want you to write here is what YOU stand to benefit from being the author of the book you want to write. That’s number 1. On to number 2. What problem is your book going to solve? Or what need is it going to meet? Who is the book helping now if it were already written? After answering these questions, the next thing you need to do is to design the cover of the book, frame it and place it where you will always see it. This is how to begin with the end in mind. Writing a book is sweeter this way.

Break it down

After completing the process of beginning with the end in mind with the frame of the cover design of the book you want to write, break the book into “approachable” chunks. You do this by first writing all the points/ideas you want to cover in the book. Do not worry about your grammar and typos at this time. Just write! After doing this, harmonize all the ideas that can be grouped together under various headings. That will form the basis for your chapters. When you get your chapters ready, break them further into sub headings and points. Do not rush this process. Do it meticulously for every chapter.

Have a work plan

You create a book work plan by simply breaking down every section of the book in such a way that each section and subsection will be completed in 29 days. Let there be enough allowance for failures and shortcomings. Then, you have to take it a step further by giving yourself assignments for each of the sections and subsections. For instance, you can add this assignment to a section – “research how massage therapy affects metabolism in this section.” That means you are going to be researching and writing when you get to that section.

Set daily goals

Daily goals of writing a particular number of words will take you closer to your dream of finishing your book in 30 days. Do you know that you can write about 28,000 words if you can commit to writing up to 1000 words a day? That’s a big book! I suggest you write first thing in the morning, just after waking up. This is what I do, personally. I notice that every day I commit the first hour of my day after prayers to writing is alway more productive. This is probably because writing has a way of helping me align my mind.

Set a reward system in place

Our mind has a way of helping us deliver results when there is a reward/punish system. So, what will you reward yourself with everyday you wake up to do up to 1000 words? What if you do up to 2000 words? Put that system in place and ensure you have an umpire in charge of the reward (or punishment if you want to take it to another level). For me, one of the rewards I give to myself is a cup of hot coffee and 2 packs of Peanuts. I like that combo so much that I fell in love with it when I discovered that it actually promotes the health of the heart.

Identify & get rid of distractions

The gravity of the distractions that plague writers are based upon their lifestyles. My distractions as a serial entrepreneur are far different from the distractions of a person who is a waiter in a not-too-busy-restaurant. So rather than suggest a list of the possible distractions you need to rid yourself of, I suggest that you identify them based on your own peculiar circumstance. Then next stage is to ask yourself “what do I do about these distractions?” It is dificult or impossible to eradicate some distractions. For instance, a nursing mother can’t eradicate distractions from her baby. She has to find a way to manage them.

Get a support group

Being able to get into a group of writers who are all trying to finish their book is the greatest blessing of all. However if you are not able to pull this off, get your wife, husband, friend and anyone you respect into your support group. Let them know what you are trying to achieve and give them the power to monitor, encourage, and push you. Support groups come in different styles. Some support groups can also help to carry out things like researching, editing, and critiquing. Whatever the support group is bringing on the table apart from pushing you to complete the book in 30 days is secondary. So, do not get carried away.


With these in place, being able to finish your book within 30 days will be quite easy.

Have you written a book before?

Or have you started writing a book?

What challenges did you or are you encountering in the journey? Kindly write about them below so we all can learn from them.

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