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How to Get a Job: 10 Smart & Unusual Ways

how to get a job

Getting a job, someone said, is a job. I daresay that getting a job is a full time job. Have you been trying to get a job for a long time and have not been able to? This is not your usual “How to Get a Job” article. I have identified 10 ways in which you can get a job apart from the traditional means of applying and hoping to get an interview.

How to Get a Job: I have helped organizations in various sectors of the economy to get staff for various positions. In all those years, I have screened CVs, shortlisted candidates for interview, interviewed them and shortlist a select few for the client to make a final choice. Many CVs will end up in a waste basket immediately, irrespective of how badly the person needs a job. And also, I have interviewed several great candidates who we could not employ without there were just a few spaces. I can only hope that you will master how to get a job as you read this.

Since the available jobs are so few and there are so many great people who are waiting to grab them, you can no longer afford to depend on the traditional means of getting a job. I have identified 10 other smart ways on how to get a job below.

  1. Volunteer
  2. Intern
  3. Apply Like Crazy
  4. Sell
  5. Freelance
  6. Referrals
  7. Online CV
  8. Corner/Street Advertising
  9. Stalking
  10. Write a book


Many job seekers are laid back. That’s not how to get a job – or a good one! Instead of staying at home and sending out 2 or 3 CVs every month, volunteer your services somewhere. You can walk into the local NGO and offer your services for free. While working there, you might just get a connection that will help you to get a job somewhere. You can even get a paid job at the NGO if they see how invaluable you are.


Ask to work as an intern in an organization of your choice. You have to be skillful while asking an organization for this. This because internship is usually more often reserved for people who need to work to fulfill an academic requirement. Working in that firm can help you in a number of ways;

  • You can be retained to work as a paid full time staff if you are found to be indispensable. Here, you have to take learning how to get a job to another level, where you learn how to be indispensable even as an intern.
  • The experience you will get there can be skillfully included on your CV and used to open other doors.
  • You can leave to go work with the firm’s competitor. It will be easier because you already have experience in the sector.

Apply Like Crazy

Many job seekers I have been priviledged to talk to apply for jobs like 4 times in a month. That’s core laziness! The more jobs a person applies for, the more likely they will be invited for an interview. The more interviews they are invited to will also increase their chances of being employed. I know job seekers who have not had any interviews for over 3 months. That is not good. Unless you get up to 4 interviews per month, you are not a serious job seeker. I recommend that you send out at least 15 applications per day while job hunting.

Word of advice: Do not send the same CV to every employer. Tweak your CV to fit each situation.


Every organization have vacancy in sales. Why not hop in and start selling? Imagine you walk into a firm and tell them you’d like to sell for them without a fixed salary. Will they say no? I doubt! Because everyone wants to sell. They will gladly place you on commission. If you do this,

  • You will gain much needed sales experience. Whether or not you know it, sales is an essential skill everyone must have, irrespective of their field.
  • You have the opportunity to perform without the subtle fear that comes with boss/salary-imposed-pressure-to-perform
  • If your sales record is pretty, they might just decide to absorb you into the company with a standard payment structure.


Do you have a very good skill and yet have not been hired by an organization? Freelance your skill. Approach various companies and tell them you will perform that function at a lower rate and schedule a time to visit them. So they won’t have to pay you a fixed salary. But you still earn.

Example: If you are an accountant, there is not need to worry yourself about how to get a job. Why not approach many small firms that cannot afford to employ a full time accountant? Inform them that you will keep their books and handle their accounting at a rate that is like quarter of what they would have paid a full time accountant. Imagine you are able to get 10 of such. Imagine you get 20 and employ your friend to join you in handling them all. Like a joke, you will build a formidable accounting firm. I can coach you to make this happen if you are interested. Just click this link.


With the right skill-set and connection, a job seeker can get a job preassigned to them. Referrals are as powerful in job seeking as they are in business. You can get influencial people to give you referrals as entering points into almost any organization. The boss in every organization is a classmate, pal, brother, uncle or student of somebody. Your lecturers and former employers can give you a referral that can change your life. The contractors of a former employer can also help you to get referral to any other organization they work for.  Alternatively, if there seem not to be a way for you to gain entrance to work in your dream company, tried hard to work for one its contractors. That might just be your way in to study them and also to get insider information about vacancies. You might even be able to make friends there who can teach you what to say during interviews.

Online CV

Well, I have never seen anyone do this before. But do you know that you can design an online CV – “mini” website? Simply put information plus photographs about you there. Then any time you post comments on online professional platforms, you can link it back to your online CV. Then start commenting more on Linkedin groups and articles and quote your CV link when you post the comment. You never can tell the possibilities this can create for you. A few articles on the site (if you are good writer, please!!!! IF!!!) will also be an added advantage.

Corner/Street Advertising

In August 2015, we read about a lady, Carrie Kemeling who stood on the street handing out copies of her resume. She sure knew how to get a job. On her sign was written “Not Homeless. But Hungry For Success!! Take a Resume.” She got her dream on the same week after being interview . If you really need a job, you will get out of your comfort zone and get one. Another guy stood in a corner with a placard asking to be employed. He got a job! If you are desperate about getting a job, you will get one.



how to get a job
Photo: Carrie Kemeling. How to Get a Job


That sounds creepy, right? Or freaky? What’s even the difference between those two words? Well, you have heard that the man in charge of recruiting in a particular firm will be attending an event. You too decide to attend and if you are lucky, you get a mutual acquintance to introduce you. Or you are connected to him/her on Linkedin and decide to do a thing or two to get their attention without them knowing it is deliberate. Tags can help on Facebook and Twitter. If they write on Linkedin, comment intelligently. If they tweet, favorite it. Let your stalking be both intelligent and subtle.

Write a book

Did I just write that? Yes!!! Even though I was in a meeting that lasted in the most part of last night (and have not rested yet), I am in my right senses…lol. Create a book (or booklet or journal) about you. The title of the book might be something like “DAMN Lucky! Why Any Firm That Hires Me Wins The Jackpot.” Don’t do somthing too big. A book of between 15 and 25 pages is not a bad idea. Break it into short chapters and write. Publish it as a pdf and send it alongside your CV whenever you apply via email. If you have money, print a few copies and send them in gift wraps to the HR Manager of almost every firm you can. If they invite you, they will ask you questions from the book. So don’t make outrageous claims. Obvious example: don’t write on “how to get a job” when you are looking for a job. But ignore this whole point if you are not a good writer.


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