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Google Plus: Why it’s the New Digital Marketer’s Darling

Why Google Plus is the New Digital Marketer's Darling

I did not start using Google Plus on time. I was in love with Facebook and I don’t like to cheat (lol there!). When I began to take making sales online serious, I discovered something. I will show you that and more in this review.

As a digital marketer (or a wannabe), you will agree with me that ANY FREE THING (legitimate of course) one does to make several sales online is worth it. As I have stated above, I did not take Google Plus serious when I first dicovered them. I saw it as another not-too-needed social media website.

Until I started my online magazine,!

The competition for readers is so fierce on that spectrum of writing for the internet. Hundreds of entertainment news websites will write on the same things in different ways. New readers will only end up coming to you if they FIND YOU.

During my research, I noticed a blog that had a very poor SEO strategy raking in readers like whirlwind. A young Nigerian lady owned and wrote for the blog. The stories on it were not half as professionally written as mine because I employed only writers to work for me.

What was she doing right?

Google Plus!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny right?

How You Can Use Google Plus to Grow Your Business

1. Ensure you have an account

It’s so easy to get an account. If you have a Gmail account, simple look for a 9 dotted square at the top right hand corner of your screen (if you are using a desktop) and select Google+. They will walk you through setting it up. Otherwise create a Gmail account first.

2. Carry out a keyword research for your niche

Keywords are simply those words people type on Google to search for stuff. If you sell laptops for example, find the words people type on Google when they want to buy a laptop. Simply go to Google Keyword Planner and check the your keywords against “search volume data.” This will help you to know what people are typing on the internet to find you.

3. Create daily unique content about your product

Using those keywords, create articles or short posts on your website. For example, I run a mobile massage company in Lagos. Through the company, I make massage available for people in their offices, homes or hotels. One of the keywords people search for in this niche is “home service massage“. I have written loads of stuffs using that keyword.

4. Post the links on your Google Plus

Share the links on your Google Plus and also use a keyword in the write-up that goes with the link. Bravo!!!! Every time someone searches with that keyword in your region, your Google Plus will show amongst the first few links and that will lead to your website and that will send money to your bank account. You get the groove, right?

5. Ensure there are calls to action on your posts

Sometimes, instead of just putting links on your Google Plus posts, it is also nice to put a call to action. “Click here for…”, “Call 080xxxxxxxx” and so on are nice ones. If your phone number shows on the search result, it’s cool. The prospect does not have to spend more data trying to reach you.

All these things will work in your favour whether or not you have been able to optimize your website properly. My website ( is not yet ranking high for the keywords in that niche. But I make sales daily because I have taught myself through constant use of Google Plus.

So why is Google Plus a digital marketer’s darling?

1. Google Plus posts get indexed very fast!
2. The posts show in search results
3. The posts will become cool backlinks
4. You will make more money!!!

If you have been wondering how to actually start pushing your business to another level using digital marketing, here is one very good how!!!

Kindly leave your comments and questions below.

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10 thoughts on “Google Plus: Why it’s the New Digital Marketer’s Darling

  1. Thanks Kingsley – this has really challenged my perceptions of Google+. I’m not sure it’s ever been anyone’s darling but it sounds like you’ve seen real results from using it consistently.

    Darn it – is this another channel I should be using for SEO??

  2. This is awesome. I’m new to blogging(and in the challenge). I don’t use Google+ but I’m going to right after I post this, Great job and thanks.

  3. Thanks for the review and the suggestions. I didn’t see any value in Google Plus but you’ve changed my mind. I will have to develop a strategy to use it more effectively.

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