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Focus: Key Success Elements 1

focus - key success element 1

Focus and momentum! Those words have plagued me since yesterday. Read on to know why.

Last Saturday was my birthday. I already miss that day, lol! I had a great time. Wife of life and wonderful friends came together to create a surprise experience at the office (yes, I went to work on my birthday). Well, enough of my birthday talk. I know you like gist but I will reserve the details for another post. Today and tomorrow, I’d like us to take a very good look at 2 key success elements for success hungry people. They are focus and momentum. I want to assume that you are already a hard working person.

Alex my friend and I went to my office yesterday after a church service. At a point during the hours we spent together talking and looking some projects over, Alex told me about a very great and successful man Donald Trump wrote about in one of his books. He said the man’s business seemed to have halted. When Trump approached him to ask what had happened, the man told him that he lost his focus and momentum.

Hours after our discussion, those two words have not stopped to plague me. Focus and momentum. I already have something written for today (which I think you will love by the way… ***winks***) but I could not ignore these words.

I believe that the two crucial elements a hardworking person needs the most are these two – focus and momentum. It is very easy to lose them. Today, we will study the subject of focus and study momentum tomorrow.

Why focus

There is a certain category of people who find it very difficult to focus on just one thing and follow it through. They are multitalented people. They can do almost anything. And so they keep trying their hands on everything. I have also fallen into that trap before. The other category include success-hungry people. Difficulty in any endeavour makes them look for the next success tip and path.

No matter which of the categories above you find yourself, it is important to understand that you cannot pause time. Time will keep ticking. Your life should not be all about experimentation.[tweetthis]understand that you cannot pause time. Time will keep ticking.[/tweetthis]

Without focus,

  1. You won’t be able to follow through your goals
  2. Your results will remain small.
  3. You will remain a mediocre.
  4. Your won’t have something to wake up to look forward to doing.
  5. Your enthusiasm dies. Focus is what helps you maintain momentum.
  6. Without focus, you will be known for everything and that’s not good for you. A jack of all trades is always perceived as a master in none.

How to maintain focus

As a result-oriented person, you want to maintain focus. The following will help with that;

  1. Identify everything you want to be and do in your life time.[tweetthis]Identify everything you want to be and do in your life time.[/tweetthis]
  2. Write them down. Itemize them.
  3. Ask yourself “what can I start doing on this list right now with my level of competency and that will yield what I will need to be able to do the second?” That is what you should do.
  4. Get rid of that list. Don’t burn it. Don’t tear it. Just keep the list away.
  5. Take what you have chosen in #3 above. Develop it in as much way as you can. How long will it take for what you have chosen to get to maturity? Some can take 2, 5, 8, 10 years and more. Throughout that period, keep on pushing it irrespective of difficulties.[tweetthis]keep on pushing irrespective of difficulties.[/tweetthis] Someone said that focus is following one course until success.[tweetthis]Someone said that focus is following one course until success[/tweetthis]
  6. Start. Let everyone know you for what you have chosen. If its a business, learn how you can about that business and strive to be the best. If its a career, develop yourself in such a way that you will be the most qualified person who has ever worked that role before.

We have seen how that focus and momentum are very important success elements. Focus has been our main subject today. Tomorrow, we shall take a very close look at Momentum.


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