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Entrepreneur Coaching: Help is Here

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When I first became an entrepreneur, I suffered a lot. I made many mistakes, lost a lot of money and fell into debt. I now wish I had someone who could show me the ropes from the onset. The need for entrepreneur coaching is now glaring than it ever was.

It is very easy to feel alone as an entrepreneur. After all, the entrepreneurial journey is more of a lonely one. That creates the need for entrepreneur coaching. As I mentioned above, my first entry into the entrepreneurial sphere was a very bumpy ride. Before going into business big time, I had enjoyed some level of success as a student. As a student businessman, I sold drawing boards and lab coats. I made a lot of money but that was always seasonal; when the engineering faculty just admitted new students. I also made money from science students who bought lab coats from me. That ended when my capital was stolen at the school’s sports complex as I dropped my bag in the sidelines to play football with my friends.

My first failed business

The next business I ventured into after a few months was a publishing one. Since I loved writing, I thought success would be automatic. I created a magazine that was meant to help people succeed more in their endeavours. One of the biggest mistakes I made then is that I made the magazine full colour and glossy. That made it more expensive, above the affordability of my targets. Another mistake I made was that I did not look out for entrepreneur coaching.

What I could have done differently

Since then, I have done other businesses that failed. While I can say categorically that I have learnt a lot from these failed business experiences, there was abosultely no need to. Getting an entrepreneur coaching would have saved me from those failures, heart-aches and debts. I have come to understand that it is too expensive to learn from your own mistakes. It is better to learn from other people’s mistakes. It is far cheaper.

How I roll these days

Today, I have businesses that work. I have a staff training/recruiting/outsourcing firm that has done business directly or indirectly with major players in almost every sector in the Nigerian economic  landscape. I have trained for and facilitated high profile strategy sessions for many firms in the country as well.

Sneak Peak into my other businesses

I have also started businesses in other sectors that will surprise you. And they are all doing well, bringing in steady income and employing people. One of my businesses serves expatriates from over 20 countries both in Africa and beyond. I won’t say I have arrived yet. But guess what? I have now developed a system which can work for ANY business. I have used the system in the tech, events and wellness industries and succeeded. Despite the success we have achieved through it, I question and tweak the system every opportunity I get.

My Advise to you

If you’d like to enjoy your entrepreneurial journey, I suggest that you consider getting entrepreneur coaching. It doesn’t have to be with me. But please get one. There are many business coaches out there. Just find out if they have built any business apart from their “coaching business” and that will help you to know whether to run with them.

Who should I pick for my entrepreneur coaching?

If the above is your question, I suggest you use the points below. Use them as a “checklist” to ascertain who you should contact for entrepreneur coaching.

  1. Someone who has practised what they want to show you in their ownnon-coaching businesses”,
  2. Someone who does not mind giving out information for FREE. Check how much stuff the person has been writing and putting out there for people to have access to for free. If they are all about the money, they are probably not your best choice.
  3. Someone who will be willing to not just show you how but will offer to sometimes hold your hand and lead you.
  4. Someone like me who is not ONLY a professional speaker. There are many speakers (who have never started and ran a business) out there, who want to give you entrepreneur coaching. You need someone like me who has ACTUALLY STARTED and ran (and still running) BUSINESSES.

business coaching

If you would like to learn more about my entrepreneur/business coaching programme and what it offers, click the button below.

business coaching

If you have not clicked that button, I suggest you click it now. Otherwise, leave a comment below. Let me know what is holding you back.

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