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Digital Marketing: How to Become an Expert in it

digital marketing

When I started my first Lagos business in 2009, the company did not seem to have any chance to succeed. The menace from already well established firms saw to that. Digital marketing came to the rescue!

I never set out to learn digital marketing. Desperation and a hunger to succeed drove me to it. When the company started, there were already many other firms who were doing what we wanted to do. We had something unique to offer the public. But how do we reach them. As at 2008/2009, many firms still depended on advertising on newspapers. Digital marketing was not really as popular as it is today. We could not afford to advertise on Lagos based newspapers. So, the national dailies were a no-go area.

Then I remembered that I have a Facebook account I have not been using often. Thus my journey in digital marketing began. To try to summarise a very long story, we began to pack big event halls full of people within weeks of starting the company. And soon, these “big” firms in our niche began to ask “what is their secret.” The secret is digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the application of digital technologies available on the internet and on electronic (especially mobile) devices to promote a product, service or cause for the purpose of fostering awareness and/or patronage.

These digital technologies include websites (regular and social media), search engines, mobile apps, emails, SMS and MMS.

Aspects of digital marketing you should learn quickly

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Display advertising
  3. Paid Search
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Mobile Marketing

Do not worry. I will be doing a lot of posts on all the aspects of digital marketing in the next few days and weeks. Watch out. I could also send you a full guide if you want me to. Simply enter your email address on the contact page asking for it.

How to become an expert in digital marketing

The benefits of digital marketing are so enomous. From my story above, you will notice that digital marketing made all the difference for us. That business would have died in its infancy if we didn’t find a way to use use it. We still grow by leaps and bounds today because we survived that period.

Start small

The fact is you do not have to be an expert before you start using digital marketing to promote your business and endeavours. Every long journey begins with just a decision and a step. So, start today. How do you start? Start with your Facebook as I did. Use your account. Use the groups to share an opinion or to try to sell something. Create a Fan Page for your business. Use the events feature. Create photographs and share them. Explore it for free. Every now and then, invest $5 to promote something. You will figure out the rest as you start small.

Do it regularly

You will never become an expert unless you practice. There are many people who are not using digital marketing to promote what they do because they want to contract it to experts. It is good to outsource tasks so that you can focus on the very important things in your business. I outsource certain tasks a lot. But marketing is one task a serious business person should never completely outsource. Knowing how to do it yourself will not hurt you in any way. When budgets are low, what will help your business back on its feet are those things you can do yourself.

[tweetthis remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]When budgets are low, what helps your business back on its feet are things u can do yourself[/tweetthis]

Learn everyday

I learn everyday. I told an audience I spoke to last week that many of the things I have done this year are things I did not have a clue about as at December 2015. I have acquired new skills that have helped me to make tremendous progress in such a short while and I am not relenting. I receive email newsletters everyday and I take out time to scan through them read those that are relevant to me. Read a digital marketing article every 2 days. Implement what you read and measure the results. There are also free and paid digital marketing courses you can attend.

Master one per time

To be an expert digital marketer, you must strive for mastery of one aspect before moving on to the mastery of another one. Please don’t get me wrong. I am NOT saying that you should only learn to use on one aspect. Use all the platforms BUT pursue mastery in one per time. For instance, when I was pursuing mastery in the use of Facebook, I was also using Twitter, Linkedin and so on.


So, there it is! When is the best time to start? Today! You can start by saying hi on Facebook by clicking this link . You can also leave a comment below.

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