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Cash Flow Projection Training (Bonus Post)

cash flow projection training

I did a post on cash flow projections some days ago. I wrote about how seriously important they are to any serious person who wants to seriously go into serious business! It looks like we are going to do a cash flow projection training soon.

Hope you like today’s post on Masters Degrees? Well, someone contacted me after reading one of the posts I did a some days that she will like me to package a cash flow projection training for her and her team. I’m informing you in case you want in.When she asked, I said no problem and asked her if she has knowledge of Microsoft Excel. She said no.

So, I am putting that training together now. I am not sure yet if it is going to be a virtual or onsite training. But I am putting it together. If it is going to be onsite, it will hold in Lagos. If it will be virtual, then anyone who can understand English Language can join from any part of the world.

The cash flow projection training is going to cover finance, entrepreneurship, basic excel, business planning, forecasting and plenty of great business advice from my friends. My friend, Alex (I wrote about him in that post, remember?) has already confirmed that he will be available.

If you want to be a part of this training, simply send an email to or click here to send me a message right here.

Who should attend the Cash Flow Projection Training

  1. Anyone who is considering starting a business soon. Trust me, this is one of the reasons many businesses don’t make it beyond their third year anniversaries.
  2. Anyone who is considering expanding their business. If you cannot measure it analytically with tweakable variables, how can you grow it?
  3. Anyone who wants to raise capital to start or grow their business. Sorry, no investor will even look at you if you do not have this handy – unless they want to just “dash you” the money.
  4. Accountants of small and medium scale businesses. You need to see finance from the boss’ stand-point

So that is it! If you want to be a part of this, contact me by clicking here.

If you have not read the post I did on creating cash flow projections, click here to read it.

So, that’s the big announcement! Watch out!


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