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Brian Tracy: How I Got Him to Endorse My Book, The Z of Marketing

Brian Tracy - How I Got Him to Endorse My Book, The Z of Marketing

I have never met Brian Tracy in person, despite the fact that he has been to Lagos a couple of times. But I have been following him since I first discovered him in 2006. But I have been relating with him and his team.

Many people have asked me how I got Brian Tracy to endorse my book. Others have said maybe I just made that up. But seriously, Brian Tracy did said something really nice about my book, The Z of Marketing; How I Get Rapid Sales and How You Too Can. It reads;

This practical book, based on proven experience, shows you how to attract a steady stream of qualified customers to your bsuiness – every day.

Before I start telling the story of how it happen, let me quickly tell you how I first “met” this great man.

How I first “met” Brain Tracy

When I first started preparing to publish the first edition of my magazine, Triumph in 2007, Brian Tracy was one of the first persons I reached out to. I wanted him to be a columnist for the magazine. When I sent him an email, some guy who said he was his PR person replied. Apparently, Brian Tracy had forwarded my email to him. He told me that I should expect something in the mail.

A couple of weeks later, I received an envelope in the post. It’s only content was a DVD containing Brian about 20 articles written by Brian Tracy. I was elated because of the content. It mearnt that I had enough from him to last me 20 editions. Unfortunately, the magazine died at its third edition. That was the last time I was in contact with this Create Your Own Future author. But I did not stop reading his books. I bought many of them.

Ignored for a forward

When the graphics guys finished their bit on The Z of Marketing, I desired to include a forward in it. So I wrote a letter and sent to a “personal development guru” in Nigeria. But he did not reply. So, I decided to send it to many more consultants in the country. As though it was planned, none of them sent me a reply. They all ignored me.

I moved higher!

When a consultant ignored me, I moved “higher” to ask someone I think was ahead of them in the industry. Or I asked someone I believed had better relevance than the last person I asked. It was in 2013 and things were a lot different from the way they are now. For example, I contacted one of Fela Durotoye’s “boys” (via Facebook) to write the forward but didn’t get a reply from him. Then I moved “higher” and sent a message to the Founder and Chief Executive of a group that used to organize high profile events for Nigerian youths. No response! That was how I moved higher and higher until I was ignored by all the Nigerian business consultants, coaches and experts that I contacted.

I contacted Brian Tracy

Still in the spirit of moving higher, I decided to contact Brian Tracy. I got a response within a few days of my email despite him being away in far away India. I was told by his staff that he does not write forward for authors he does not personally know. But they requested for excerpts from the book.

Well a few days later, I received a mail from Brian Tracy himself. He had read the introduction and few chapters I sent to him. How humbling that was!!! This is a great man, recognised all over the world for being the leading authority in personal development, financial mastery, time management and business success. In case you have read only one of Brian Tracy’s books and know just a little about him, let me share a few things about this great man with you.

Brian Tracy Quick Facts

Brian Tracy…

  1. has consulted for more than 1,000 companies
  2. has facilitated over 5,000 talks and seminars
  3. has taught and spoken to audiences throughout the United States, Canada and 70 other countries worldwide, including Nigeria.
  4. teaches and addresses over 250,000 individuals every year.
  5. has so far thought more than 5,000,000 individuals in seminars and workshops.
  6. has over 30 years experience
  7. is the best selling author of over 70 books. His books have been translated into dozens of languages.
  8. has authored and produced over 300 audio and video learning programs.
  9. is the President of three companies other than Brian Tracy International in California.

His email

The email Brian Tracy sent to me contained the endorsement. Also included in the email are a few tips on what I should do to make the book better. I was elated. I was humbled. I was pumped!!!

What I learnt from the experience

  1. Ask. The worst you can get is a “no”
  2. Never take “no” for an answer
  3. A “no” means try something better
  4. Real successful people do not mind when other people are also getting successful.
  5. People who are actually successful respond to messages. Those I contacted could have just said “no” rather than ignoring me.

What this means for you.

Is there something you are trying to “complete” but just need the input or validation of someone else to wrap it all up? Have they been ignoring you? I suggest you move higher. Do you have any questions? Or comments? Leave them below in the comments section.


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