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Brain Power: How to Increase Yours Daily

daily brain power increase

My wife made a statement this afternoon when I gave her a call. She said something hilarious about “brain fetching”. But it got me thinking about the concept of brain power.

As an entrepreneur and employer of labour, I encounter people almost every day who do not use their brain. That sounds funny right? Yes it will sound funny and false to someone who understands the workings of the brain. The brain controls hundreds of functions in the human body, including functions as vital as heartbeat. So, the brain is always working. I’d like to call that passive brain power since it has nothing to do with you.

However, the kind of brain power I am talking about here is the one that has to do with your active use of the brain. It is in this context that I say I see a lot of people who do not use their brains. For instance, someone submits their resume and you find errors as glaring as wrongful spelling of their names. A particular lady I noticed her name wrongly spelt told me during the interview that it was the fault of the business centre attendant that prepared the resume. See? No wonder she was not able to provide answers to the simple questions I threw at her.

Let’s come back to you. Have you ever tried to read something and quickly understand it before a meeting? Did you get stuck somehow? Has someone ever tried to explain something seemingly simple to you before and yet it took more time than usual for you to perfectly understand it? To avoid scenarios like these, we must develop our brain power everyday!

How to increase develop brain power

According to science, the average human brain has about 100 billion neurons. Neurons are nerve cells. Imagine that complex network! God has done his part. It’s now time to play your own part! If you are an atheist and my mention of God here offends you, you really need to pause and think. How could a brain have happened on its own? The human brain is a complex design and even a dummy will agree that SOMEONE is responsible for it!

Read everyday

Reading everyday will help you to have a better brain power. This is because you will get to learn new words, and new things.

Be curious

Curiosity saves the cat! When you find something you do not fully understand, read up on it. Check it out. Ask questions. My favorite Google search is “What is the meaning of …” I do it all the time, including while seeing a movie.


Writing stimulates the brain in ways we are yet to understand. Every time I sit to write something like an article, I am stimulated mentally. And guess what! I have noticed that people who can write well are also very intelligent people. Why not learn to write? You learn to write by writing.

Learn new words

Learning the meaning and usage of new words will contribute to your brain power. Imagine you decide to learn and add one word to your vocabulary on a daily basis. That means that your English will become richer by over 300 words in a year!

Learn a new language

Find people around you who can speak a language you cannot speak. Ask them to teach you. Whenever you see them, try to speak the language. It will be fun. But it is scientifically proven that it does help to develop a stronger brain.

Put you calculator aside

Sometimes just use your mind when it comes to numbers instead of punching away on your calculator. This can help to develop the analytical area of your brain. Being analytical is a very great characteristic because it helps you to make decisions based on facts and not emotions.

Get a massage

I was always a very stressed up guy until my doctor instructed me to start getting regular massages. Getting at least a massage every 2 weeks has helped my productivity to jump to another level. It has helped me to get rid of stress. And as you may know, stress is bad for the brain. Get involved in activities that will help you to de-stress.

Eat right

Watch what you eat and drink. Developing brain power requires this. Plenty of vegetable and fruits are said to be very good for the brain. And do you know that your brain, according to science, consumes about 20% of what you eat? The healthier, the better then.


I have noticed that I mentally process faster whenever I work out. Medical practitioners have revealed that the body performs better when we exercise. A quick walk in the morning can do the trick. If jogging is your thing, it will also help. Do what you can do. It will definitely improve brain power.

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