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9 Ways You Too Can Make Money Blogging

make money blogging

I am sure you have wondered how bloggers make money if you are considering blogging as a source of income. There are many ways you can make money blogging.

So you too want to make money blogging? The top earning bloggers in the world have made the blogging vocation a very attractive one. Of course they do this mainly by showing their prospects how much money they are making. You too can start making money blogging. But you will only be successful in it if you understand upfront that you will need to work hard.

So as you can see, making money through blogging is not for just a few minority. It is for everyone. If you want to make money through blogging, see the methods you can use below.

1. Through adverts.

This method is an uphill task. You can only make money from advertising if you have consistent traffic of thousands of people visiting your blog. Examples of blogs that attract the kind of traffic that can make substantial money from adverts are those that have lots of interesting content. The content might be news, music, videos, comedy, or a combination of them all.

2. By offering training.

This method is easy. With this, you can almost immediately start making money blogging. If someone who needs to learn something from you finds your blog, you can get paid if your converting skills are on point. The key here is to ensure you offer some quality information through your blog posts. That information then attracts the “reader” through search engines or social media to your website. Obviously, since they want to learn more, they “buy” your course. Simple!

3. By selling items on the blog.

Writing about the benefits of using a particular product can attract people to buy it from you if it is listed for sale on your blog. Also writing about how to use the product can attract people to your blog and result in being able to sell the product there. Imagine doing that for many items on your blog. Many people make money blogging this way. Creating reviews about what you have for sale will attract people who need to buy those things.

4. Offering to sell your expertise.

You can offer your expertise to the public through your blog. Are you an accountant? Or a legal practitioner? Or a graphics designer? Whatever your expertise, you can sell that on your blog and make money. This is one of the ways I make money blogging. Here, you provide free information through your blog posts which end up attracting your reader who in turn asks you to “make” the service for them. People have commissioned me to create websites, ghostwrite, train, etc for them. That was as a result of reading my blogs.

5. Affiliate marketing.

Here, you will sell items and services. You will do it by writing great reviews about the products and/or services. But you are not selling them directly. This is simply offering what someone else has for sale on your own blog. The person gives you a special link through which “referrals” from your blog to their website are tracked. They then credit your account whenever they make sales through your “affiliate link.” With this, you too can make money blogging.

6. By setting up and promoting Your Own agency.

If you notice that many people are looking for a particular expertise via Google Searches, set up an agency that supplies that expertise. You do not have to have the expertise itself. If you notice that many people in your locality are always searching for cooks for instance, you can have an agency that supplies cooks. Just look for people who can provide that expertise and agree on a commission and your blog will be in business.

7. Donations.

There are many blogs that rely on donations to make money. While this might not always pay the bills, there are times of windfalls, especially if you are offering quality service through your blog. Wikipedia for instance does not sell advertisement. They rely on donations. Many blogs do the same.

8. Converting the blog posts to a book.

When Michael Hyatt released his book, Living Forward, I went on to read the reviews he had on Amazon. Many of the people who reviewed the book said it has a large portion of his blog posts. Same thing has been said of many other successful blogger who released a book. Well, I see nothing wrong with that as long as the book is well organized and created to help solve a particular problem or meet a need.

9. Converting the blog posts to a course for sale.

In number 2 above, I wrote that you can offer training via your blog. Here, you do not have to train per se. You can choose to gather all your blog posts that are similar and that tackle a particular problem and make them a course. All you need to do is convert some of them into videos, some into workbooks, and others into audio formats. Upload such onto udemy and coursera and boom!


So, that is it! You want to make money blogging? I have shown you 9 ways to make that happen. If you want to learn the specifics, leave a message on the comment section below. And I will show you how.

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