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Blog: 6 Ways Operating a Business Blog Will Boost Your Business

Blog: 6 Ways Operating a Business Blog Will Boost Your Business

Marketing has a new face. That new face is digital marketing. But your digital marketing strategy is incomplete without a blog. So, how does having a blog boost business success?

Blogs were not as popular a decade ago as they are today. People only began to take blogs seriously after some individuals began to share testimonials of how they rake in millions of dollars as income from their blogs. As a result, thousands of people start “blogging business” almost every week in this part of the world. Well, you do not actually need to have a “blogging business” to be able to make money from a blog.

As a marketing expert, I advise all my clients to have a business blog. Creating an engaging blog will definitely do more good to your business than harm. Personally, all my businesses each have a blog and am I glad they do?

How a blog boosts your business

  1. Opportunity to use keywords
  2. Substance for search engines
  3. Bait for social enagegement
  4. Opportunity for link creation
  5. Opportunity to put forward more Calls-to-action
  6. Information centre

Let us consider each of the points above.

Opportunity to use keywords

Keywords are those words and phrases through which people who need your services find them on the internet. Operating a blog for your business will give you the opportunity to use these keywords on your domain. That will in turn attract new customers to your business. Imagine having a source of free website traffic for a very long time.

Substance for search engines

Google like content. So do other search engines. Having a blog will lay a demand on you to create articles every now and then. The more content you have on your domain, the more search engines will crawl the domain. That is a very good thing. That means that the tendency of being found by customers is higher.

Bait for social engagement

Attracting social media juice to one’s website is a blessing digital marketers do not ignore easily. Imagine creating a particular article that gets many people’s attention. If they take it to the social media sites to discuss and pass your link around, you are up for a good ride. Prospective clients will notice. The search engines will also notice.

Opportunity for link creation

Having a blog for your business will give you the opportunity to create useful links inside your articles. For example, if I were to write something like “coaching” in this article, I can link the word to an article or page that is relevant for that word. Hover your mouse over coaching. What do you see? That’s what I mean!!! That helps you SEO.

Opportunity to put forward more Calls-to-action

If you have a traditional website, you only have your calls to action in fixed places and that is all. Having and operating a blog for your business presents many opportunities to place calls to action buttons here and there. The benefit of this is that when the client needs to make that big decision, they will readily find your call to action.

Information centre

Your business blog can serve as a centre through which you share vital information about your business and services with your clients. You can share a link to a particular post on your blog if a client asks a question that that post answers. In that way, you do not have to answer from scratch again. Clients will find it easier to use your solutions.

Big question

Do you have a blog for your business? If not create, one today. If you do not know how, simply click the contact Kingsley button above. Fill the details and I might just be able to help you with one.

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