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6 Crucial Things Your Boss Wish You Knew

6 crucial things your boss wish you knew

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually know what is on your boss’ mind all the time? It makes your job of pleasing them much easier.

I have been employing people for about 12 years now. I have noticed through those years that many employees don’t just get it. While you will find a handful of the exceptionals every now and then, the greater percentage of employees do not know the basic things their boss wished they understood. This results in a “silent conflict” that often erupts in the slightest provocation.

Lets take a look at the most crucial of those things;

  1. It is a money business
  2. Customers are bae
  3. Resources are scarce even if they are in the store
  4. You are on a chess board, 8 to 5
  5. Many People Want to Replace You
  6. Bosses Are Humans

Boss Wish #1: It is a money business

Business is all about a game of money. Many employees tend to forget this at times. Your boss wants you to always remember that the most paramount thing on his/her mind is how to make more money, spend less money and deliver bigger profit to the bank. What should you do with this knowledge? Always ask yourself how your actions will help the organization to make more money. That consciousness is powerful!

Boss Wish #2: Customers are bae

Who are customers? They are those people who bring the money that is used to pay for supplies, staff remuneration and shareholder dividends. That makes them bae!!! Bae is “before anyone else” (Urban Dictionary). If a staff insults me and apologises, I can easily forgive them. I am that nice and forgiving…lol! But if a staff insults one of my customers, that staff is an enemy. “I am sorry” will not solve the problem. They have to do more than that or be shown out. ACTION POINT: Love the customers. Pamper the customers. Make the customers happy. Bring in more customers.

Boss Wish #3: Resources are scarce even if they are in the store

As I mentioned above, the boss wants to “jack up” revenue and drive down expenses. That should inspire you to therefore ensure that there are no wastes in the system. For example, when there is a printing error, keep the sheets so that when you need to write, you can use them instead of collecting fresh sheets from the ream. Time is a very important resource you must not be caught wasting. “Facebooking”, “Twittering” and “Instagramming” during office hours is waste of your employer’s time if you are not in the social media department of your company.

Boss Wish #4: You are on a chess board, 8 to 5

I don’t play chess yet. I’m learning the game. But I understand some lessons from it already. Every piece on the board belongs to the player to do whatever he deems important to the game. I have heard many employees tell their boss that one task or another is “not in their job description” if they do not want to do it. In chess, the value of each piece does not remain costant. What you do on a daily basis and how you do them will determine how valuable your boss perceives you. This includes daily execution of your tasks, reactions, interactions, dispositions, and so on. You have to constantly bring results to the table.

Boss Wish #5: Many People Want to Replace You

No staff is indisposible. The crowded labour market has made it so. Unfortunately your boss knows this and wishes you too did. The attitude of many employees in this part of the world has made many employers to be on auto-recruiting mode. Personally, I do periodic recruiting exercises, whether I have vacancies or not. This is because I want to be able to replace someone at a short notice. What do you do with this knowledge? Become an indispensable staff. I did a detailed article on how to become one. Click here to read it.

Boss Wish #6: Bosses Are Humans

Bosses are not machines. They have emotions. Learn how to deal with him thus. The fact that he/she smiled at you yesterday does not mean that he/she will do the same today. And that does not mean they liked you yesterday and hate you today. When they are gloomy, learn how to say things like “I want to talk to you. Is now a good time?” Your boss’ reaction will not be constant. Your boss will forget. Your boss will form an opinion of you. You CV and qualifications mean nothing to them as soon as you are given your employment letter. If you don’t produce results, they will not like you.


I want to hear from you.

Which of the wishes I have covered above does your boss value most? Kindly leave a comment below.

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