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3 Things I Learnt From An Instagram Post Today

3 Things I Learnt From An Instagram Post Today

Every now and then, I go through Instagram for one reason or the other. This afternoon, I saw a photograph an Instagram user shared about 11 hours ago.

It read “I Cut My Cable Off Today”. The user, an Events Specialist based in the Houston, captioned the photograph as follows;

I feel so great about this decision. $200+ a month is insane for TV when you have Netflix, Hulu and Fire Sticks. Plus it will encourage this household to read more…My son Neiko asks “So what are you doing with the extra money you’re saving from cutting off our cable?” 😂😂😂 Playing no games in 2016. Cut back. Invest more. Goodnight all 😘 …

When I read the above, I could not help but smile at the wisdom in that post. For once, somebody has posted something other than a twerking video (*wink).

3 Things I Learnt From An Instagram Post Today

I instantly made up my mind about 3 things when I read it and I want to share them with you.

  1. One must work hard to remain indispensable – If cable was indispensable, she will not cut it. Despite the fact that there are now more flexible alternatives to cable, those operating it have not created solutions that will make leaving unthinkable. Personally, I have not paid for cable since March 2015 because beyond the noise and distraction, I have not seen how it is improving my life.
  2. One must be flexible when competition aren’t smiling – The cable operators ought to have reviewed their prices and improved their services by now. Two hundred dollars? With internet now becoming increasingly cheap? The cable companies have money. And they have content. In media, content is king. Add money to it, you are an emperor of sorts. Why not give these “new guys” a run for their money by developing solutions that will make you stay competitive? What is wrong with going online? Are you kidding me?
  3. Knowledge plus action will make you proud – She knew she had to cut back on spending $200 every month on TV. She understood the benefits which include more reading time, extra investment funds and so on. She did not stop there and procrastinate. She took action. She cut that cable. Simple! That action will release dopamine which will make her happy and enthused to make excellent decisions like this. If she does not break the cycle, she will go on to experience series of victories. See?

What are you going to do about what you just read? Will you say “Kingsley is a good (or not so good) writer” and go about your life as usual? Don’t do that. Take action now!


Ask yourself these questions with a pen and notebook in front of you

  1. What must I do this year to remain indispensable in what I do (my source of income, local club, and so on)?
  2. In which areas do I need to change immediately to remain relevant in my business or on the job?
  3. What do I know right now that I need to start taking action on?
    1. Exercising
    2. Saving
    3. Tithing
    4. Reading
    5. Going back to school
  4. Write them all down and create a checklist. Start taking action on the list you will generate from #3 above. Take action on at least one every week.

It does not take forever to change your life. It only takes taking little consistent steps. After all, the ocean is made up of little drops of water.

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