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12 Ways You Too Can Make Money from Writing

Make Money from Writing

Are you a writer? Are you wondering if there is actually a way you can make money from writing? Well, I’ve got good news for you. There are at least 12 ways to make money from writing.

When I first began to write as a teenager, I never considered the idea of exploiting my skill for money. I used to write novels that get lost in class as all my classmates fight over who reads them next. Today, I make money from writing. With the twelve avenues I have identified below, you too can start to make money from writing.


Whether you believe it or not, ghostwriting is making a lot of writers around the world a tonne of money. And if you are a writer who is good at what they do, you should start catching in on the opportunity too. Personally, when I was not as busy as I am these days, I made a considerable amount of money on the side helping busy people who have a story to tell create their books. It is pretty easy. All you need to do is let these people know you and what you can do.


Many people, especially professional speakers, pastors and even OAPs want to have what they have said before on tape transcribed and written down for various reasons. Even lecturers now record what they say in class when they are delivering special lectures. At the time they are ready to consider the possibility of converting the recordings to a book, you can ensure that your service of transcribing the recording into a first book draft will come handy.


When a media firm is understaffed and is too busy to handle some interviews sometimes, they will often look for someone who can handle the job for them. Many times, these interviews are off-the-air interviews. Sometimes they are just mere surveys or opinion polls. Even though the demand is not very much, it is a possibility you should be open to. Let your potential client know that you can also handle this for them.


Many post graduate students have jobs that are very tasking. So, settling down to work on and write their final academic research project is always a big issue for them. Even though I have never really liked this particular one, the financial proceeds and frequency is quite high. Many writers make money from it every time a new set of people are about to graduate from a higher institution.


Well, almost every young Nigerian writer wants to own a blog these days,. This is especially since top Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeja announced that she has bought a house on Banana Island, Lagos. But it’s not everyone who will make it using the blogging path Linda has used. The three blogging paths for making money are the expert path, the news/gossip path (which Linda uses) and the merchant/affiliate marketer path. The second one is what everyone is using these days but it is the most difficult. It is also the one that takes too many years of labour to start paying you.

News Reporting

You can become a freelance news reporter for various newspapers – online or printed. This one too pays very well and is rewarding. You work when you want to and still have time for yourself. Your services here are needed by newspapers and magazines. TV and radio will sometimes use what you’ve written as script for their work. So how do you start? Simple! Send your CV and samples of your work to as many media firms as possoble. They will contact you. After all, in media, content is king.

Movie script

Many movies are churned out in nollywood almost every week. Some of them take roughly 2 weeks to finish a whole movie and introduce it to the market. So, right now, they lack in original scripting. So, they will use the same wack story line to create part 1, 2, 3, 4 and sometimes 5 of a movie. They need people who can give them original scripts every now and then to make their work original. So, are you a good scriptwriter? If yes, nice! Start creating. Otherwise, it is not difficult to learn. Learn as much as you can so that you too can make money from writing scripts.

SEO Writing

SEO writing is so important and becoming so popular that this has developed into a niche in the business. So if you want to make money from writing, consider this. If you understand the dynamics of search engine optimization, you will do well here. I do not have the time and space right now to do an indepth writing on this right now. But maybe someday, I will. Guess who is your potential customer here? Every company that has a website is your client. Professional bloggers are also your clients here. Make money from writing for them.


You want to make money from writing? This is another viable way to make that happen. If you are patient enough to write an ebook that will be of interest to a lot of people, you are in business. This is however very tricky. You really need to know what you are talking about for the book to even attract people. The rule here is to sell it before writing it. In other words, try and see if people will respond to your promotion before deciding to give the ebook your time.

Business support writing

Business support writing is another way to make money from writing. If you are business oriented, this won’t be difficult for you. You can help individuals and small businesses to write business plans, proposals and even create presentations for presentations. Many regular staff of firms cannot do these these things. This gives you and I the chance to make money from writing. Even website content also falls into this category.


If you are a very good writer, being a good editor won’t be difficult. Editing has become so natural for me that when I pick up a book to read, I find myself unconsciously discovering errors in the book. If this is the case for you, here is another way to make money from writing. It’s simple! Just let  people know you and hire you to edit their work for you.


Are you a great writer? Then you can put a training together for a fee. Writing is now an integral part of business. With the right marketing in place, it will not be difficult to find people who will be interested in doing a writing course with you. Make money from writing using training in your city of residence. Depending on level of interest, you may decide to make this a monthly affair.


So there goes the 12 ways you can make money from writing. I’d like to hear from you. Kindly leave a comment below.

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  1. Interesting read! You’re pretty right Kingsley, personally I’ve made some passive income via writing. Specifically ghost writing and SEO writing. You just have to get yourself established. Write quality articles and you’re on way to making bucks from home.

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