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10 Qualities of an Indispensable Staff and Associate

10 Qualities of an Indispensable Staff and Associates

Indispensable staff are scarce. When an employer finds one, they will do everything in their power to keep them. Do you want to be that one to your employer?

Many people do not care about becoming indispensable. That is why I know many people may not be reading this post. But think about it, when the chips are down and you need to get some weight off the ship to keep it afloat, only the indispensable staff is left aboard. Economies are getting worse and organizations are downsizing. If you want to keep your job, you cannot afford to remain a part of the over 80% of the world’s population who live average lives, make average decisions, put in average efforts and get average results.

Being indispensable does not require you being Superman or Superwoman. It just requires discipline and that is all. That discipline will help you to do things differently.

I have outlined below some of the most important qualities of an indispensable staff or associate. You can start applying them immediately.

1. They execute tasks immediately

I have an associate named Shirley (not real name). Every time I ask her and her colleagues to do something, she gets right on it. As a matter of fact, Shirley is the one inspiring me to write this right now. Facing and executing a task immediately you are asked to do it actually makes it a lot easier than when you decide to do it later.

2. They Keep Records

Whenever I ask Shirley to give me information concerning her work, she says “yes sir” and the next time I hear from her (which is usually almost immediately), its all on my computer. She meticulously keep records and I am sure she keeps them so organized. Otherwise, how does she get the info out so quickly?

3. They Propagate The Agenda of Their Superior

I once ran an organization for my mentor. It is a group of companies. While I was there as Chief Executive, I noticed that some of the staff were using the company’s resources to promote their own agendas. I don’t need to tell you what my recommendations were. An indispensable staff is loyal. I noticed that Shirley is a very straightforward person. If your boss can’t say that of you, get a life!

4. They Are Proactive

Many people like to wait for the boss to tell them what to do, especially when there is some form of challenge in their day to day tasks. In 2012, I asked a staff to get some documents printed before I get to the office because some gentlemen were on their way to meet me at the office to sign a deal. When we got to the office, I asked him to bring the documents. That was when he told me that the ink in the printer has been exhausted. He could have rushed to a business centre to do it. But he waited for me. He does not work for me anymore.

5. They Are Efficient at Feedback

I failed here many times when I worked with my mentor for a few months. He made me to understand that sending feedback to your boss or client every step of the way will help them to understand that effort is being made towards their expectation. Regularly sending feedback helps your boss or clients relax more and foster trust. An indispensable staff gives feedback.

6. They Ask Only Relevant Questions

An indispensable staff will always ask questions about their job and tasks. But there are some questions they will not ask. They understand their boundaries. No matter how close you are to your boss, you must not ask questions that will make you look like you are being nosy about matters that don’t concern you.

7. They Are Early

Apart from executing tasks immediately, it helps to be early. Indispensable tasks know how to resume early at work. I know a company that uses early arrival to interviews as one of the criteria for selection. Make this a habit. It might be a very helpful in your quest to becoming a more indispensable staff or person.

8. They Put the Organization First

Many staffs put their salaries first. Only indispensable staffs put the organization first. They understand the organization they work for and always seek to do things that will help their firm in all their dealings. If you act like this, personal gain will always be secondary to the organization’s gain. The bosses will notice you somehow and who knows what may happen next? Even if you do not get anything from the bosses, you are building the right character. And you are sowing the right seeds. You reap what you sow!

9. They Develop Themselves at the Slightest Opportunity

Indispensable staff¬†understand that there are many times they will be required to do things independently. As a result of that mindset, they are always developing themselves. The average staff is too busy at work to read. But the excellent staff always has a book in hand. Bathroom times are opportunities for playing an audio programme that will help them to perform better in life and on the job. They are the ones who pay to attend a training while their colleagues are looking for an opportunity to lie about attending a training so they can get a “refund”.

10. They Take Responsibility

Being responsible means many things to many people. In the workplace, being responsible means that you do everything within your power to get things done while, as much as humanly possible, avoiding excuses. Being responsible means that you have trained yourself to have enough sensibility to respond appropriately to matters that concern you, your development, your organization and the society. Indispensable staff are responsible people. Are you?

I want to year from you. What struggles or success have you encountered as an indispensable staff or while trying to be one? Share them in the comment section below.

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