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Strategy Sessions

Kingsley facilitates Strategy Sessions for organizations in various sectors of the economy. The goal is always to move the organization from point A to their point of realistic desire. Sometimes, it is 3 days in a location outside of their normal work environment. Get your team pumped!
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Staff Training

Kingsley Aigbona has trained staff of many organizations in various sectors. He has trained executives on Persuasion & Negotiation, Time Management, Communication, Project Management, Sales & Marketing and so on. Engage Kingsley to help develop your team today.
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Marketing Consulting

Kingsley is the author of The Z of Marketing amongst other books. See how Brian Tracy describes the book: “This practical book, based on proven experience, shows you how to attract a steady stream of qualified customers to your business – every day.” Get more customers through the door.
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Business Coaching

Do you want to start or grow your business? You need a coach – someone to guide you in a step by step approach. Avoid losing that business. Network with people like you who are already on the coaching network. Use the system Kingsley has used to start & grow businesses.
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Life Coaching

Life is all about purpose. Purpose materializes faster with goals. For goals to produce, a very important component must be in place. That is clarity! Life is all about clarity! So, what do you want from life? Why are you here? Find out and charge at it through life coaching.
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Career Coaching

Kingsley runs a training, consulting and recruiting firm. He has interviewed over 1000 candidates and has helped hundreds of people get placements in many organizations. Kingsley knows what works in the job market. He knows what employers like and don’t like in employees.
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Why Choose Kingsley?

Kingsley Aigbona is highly sought after by Individuals and firms from various sectors as a result of his coaching, businesses and expertise. See who searches for Kingsley on LinkedIn alone (Statistics generated Feb '18):

  • Founders
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Business Owners
  • University Professors
Staff Training/Development
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Coaching Programmes

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What people say

My first business failed. It also left a dent in my confidence. Being in debt made it almost impossible to want to commit any funds to coaching. But I am glad I took this step. My life is back on track.

staff training
Folake Adeniran CEO, Citavent

I began to write before my teen years. So, it was not difficult for me to start a blog. But I was always broke. Kingsley’s Ghostwriting Coaching changed the narrative for me. Thank you sir.

cash flow projection training
Belinda Udem


Why Coaching?

What changes are you trying to make in your life, business or career right now? Coaching is now one of the best tools successful people use for quick and distraction-free navigation from one level to a higher level. That is in spite of all the noisy cluster of day to day busyness! Kingsley and his team are poised to help you through the journey to your next big achievement. Enjoy life coaching, business coaching and even career coaching. You can also enjoy Kingsley’s Ghostwriting Business Coaching, Event Business Coaching & so on.

kingsley aigbona executive coaching
kingsley aigbona coaching
kingsley aigbona coaching
business coaching
business coaching

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